X is for Xerxes

Wow, it was hard to find something for X. It's going to be a short one today.

- Xerxes was a King of Persia, and ruled over Egypt after they had been conquered by the Persians.

- There were rebellions in Egypt while he ruled, but he quelled them quickly. They caused him to rule more strictly.

- His rule over ancient Egypt was harsh; he disregarded their customs and beliefs.

- He was eventually assassinated, supposedly by order of one of is sons, who took the throne following his death.


  1. X is a tough one, Laura. You've done well.
    When customs and beliefs of the land are disregarded that's when the rulers have problems.
    An unforgettable blog.
    Almost to the finish line.

  2. Xerxes also did battle with the Greeks and has been accused to burning Athens... He was a mean one.

  3. X is tough, but Xerxes to the rescue! Who'd have thought...? :)

  4. Offed by his own son - that's harsh.

  5. Xerxes doesn't sound like a man to be crossed - and he raised ruthless sons as well.
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  6. I think if I had been king back in those days I would have avoided having children, they had a habit of doing stuff like that back then. . . .

  7. I think the hardest part about being King is keeping your throne! You did wonderful with the letter X!

  8. This is a great letter x post! X out Xerxes for sure!

  9. Apparently he was also a really tall effeminate dude with piercings and a gold speedo. Or so 300 taught me.

  10. I think you did great for X! I hadn't heard of Xerxes before this post. :)

  11. Down with the king! I have actually heard of Xerxes before, but that might be because I'm a slight history geek, or it might be because I was doing research on ancient kings to try and place one of my stories in the appropriate time period. Great details!

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  12. A lot of people struggle to find something for X. I think this post turned out great!

  13. Xerxes ruled Egypt? There you go. Perfect! :D

  14. I had no idea he was assassinated. That's too bad. He sounded like a stand up guy hahaha.

  15. Great one for X! I had never heard of him before reading your post - thanks! http://www.hjblenkinsop.co.uk

  16. Isn't it amazing how many king and queens were taken out by their own relatives. I think it's a very unsafe job :). Good one for finding an X.
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