W is for Writing

The ancient Egyptians were one of the first civilisations to use written language to record information.

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- The most famous is the Egyptian hieroglyphic, though they also used other scripts. Hieroglyphics use pictures to represent different objects, actions, sounds or ideas.

- Ancient Egyptians would write in temples and on the walls of tombs, as well as on papyrus scrolls. This writing has helped us to understand a lot about ancient Egyptian beliefs, history and ideas.

- Hieroglyphics were deciphered with the help of the Rosetta Stone, which had three different types of writing on it; hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek.

- Hieroglyphics can be read left to right or right to left, or sometimes even from top to bottom. The trick is to see which way people or animal hieroglyphs are facing; if an animal faces left, you read from the left.

- Ancient Egyptians would write with thin, sharp reeds, which were dipped in ink which came from plants crushed and mixed with water.

- It was believed that writing in ancient Egypt was invented by the god Thoth.


  1. Hieroglyphs are incredible and thank heavens for the Rosetta stone, deciphering hieroglyphics opened up parts of Egyptian history to us in a way we could only guess at before.
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  2. Hieroglyphics have always fascinated me - they look like symbols, and it must be quite painstaking to write in that form. I'm trying to imagine a keyboard with all those letters!
    Laura, you're doing well - only three to go!

  3. I just hope they could spell better than me back then.

  4. It was actually quite complex if you think about it.

  5. I always loved the look of Egyptian hieroglyphics. When I was younger I would try to write my name with the symbols. I just wasn't very good at it. haha

  6. I love learning about ancient writings! Thank you for another wonderful post!

  7. Who finally understood the way to determine the direction hieroglyphics should be written. Very interesting.

  8. I remember learning about hieroglyphics in elementary school - my best friend and I used to pass notes messages written in "our own" hieroglyphics. Wish I had kept one, would probably be insanely funny now. :-)

  9. Some years ago, a friend bought me a game called "Tut Tut." It's a card game developed--I think--by the British Museum to help people learn hieroglyphics. I haven't played it much, but I ought to since it would be fun to learn them. :)

  10. I didn't realise they believed that Thoth invented writing *tucks that titbit away to pluck out at dinner parties* :) I always find it amazing how people can translate languages even with things like the Rosetta stone. Boggles my mind.
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