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My A to Z theme!

After many different ideas and different tables of letters and words, I have my final A to Z challenge theme! I have decided to write my posts about...all things Fairy Tales! I've always loved Fairy tales, and even more so when I did a presentation on them for my Learning through Children's Literature module during my English Literature degree. When doing the research for this presentation, I found out a lot of things I didn't know about fairy tales, like that many of the original versions are very different to the versions we hear about today! But I'll tell you more about that during the challenge! There's still a few letters that I don't have words for, but hopefully they'll come to me before the days that I need them! I'm going to really enjoy writing these posts, and I really hope you'll enjoy reading them! And good luck to anyone else that is taking part in the challenge :)

May the odds be ever in your favour!

I went to go see The Hunger Games on Monday night, and I loved it! I've been looking forward to seeing it ever since I found out they were making it into a movie, because I loved the series when I first read it. I did have fears that they were going to ruin it with the movie, like they did with Twilight, but I didn't have to worry about it, because it was great! From the very first scene, I was hooked. I think they chose a brilliant cast for the film; I don't think there was one cast member who didn't suit their character perfectly. I was a little worried about Haymitch at first, but Woody Harrelson did a perfect job of playing the seemingly uncaring drunk, who cared in the end. I loved Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Katniss, Peeta and Gale. I think they played their parts brilliantly, and really made me believe that they were the characters they were playing. I love the way the Capitol was done, it was exactly as I imagined it to be when

The Sunshine Award!

Gossip Grl from Whatever has awarded me with the Sunshine Award this week! To accept this award, I have to answer the following questions about my favourite things: Favourite color: Purple Favourite animal: Dogs, because they make great pets, and Owls, because I just really like Owls! Favorite number: 13, mainly because it's the day of my birthday. I also find all of the superstitions about it interesting. Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Tea - if it didn't exist I think I'd have died of thirst by now. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, I don't really understand Twitter! My passions are: Reading, writing, horse riding, baking, listening to music, and driving. Favourite patterns: Like stripes? I have a thing about stripes, a lot of my clothes are stripy. (Have you ever said a word so many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore? It just happened to me with "stripes") Getting or giving presents: I love giving presents, especially if I've fou


My life hasn't been very productive lately - there are so many things that I want and need to do, but instead I spend my spare time watching TV or playing on The Sims 3. This just isn't good! I think the reason why I'm not getting things done is because I'm using the classic "I'll do it tomorrow" excuse, and then when tomorrow rolls around I think of another reason not to do it. But not any more! I've decided to go back to the way that I organised my time while I did my degree - I'll make myself a timetable, and put down certain things that I must do each day. I really think this is the only way I'll actually get them done! I only put this wonderful idea in to place yesterday, only filling in the timetable slot for today, but it seems to be working so far! I've been on my keyboard for the first time in a few weeks (I'm attempting to teach myself to play it, needless to say it's proving difficult) and I'm about to actually sit

The Lucky 7 Meme!

I'm very popular this week! I've been chosen by Jackie over at Bouquet of Books  for the Lucky 7 Meme, so please pop by her blog! The rules are as follows: 1. Go to page 77 of your current MS (Or a fave book) 2. Go to line 7 3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they're written. 4. Tag 7 authors 5. Let them know. So, because I don't have an MS, I've decided to use a book that I recently read and enjoyed very much - Divergent by Veronica Roth. Here are the 7 lines: "Therefore each stage of initiation is intended to prepare you in a different way. The first stage is primarily physical; the second, primarily emotional; the third, primarily mental." "But what..." Peter yawns through his words. "What does firing a gun have to do with...bravery?" Four flips the gun in his hand, presses the barrel to Peter's forehead, and clicks a bullet into place. Peter freezes with his lips parted, the

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Nikki over at Inspirenordic  gave me a belated birthday present earlier today - the Versatile Blogger Award! Please make sure you stop by her blog. :) I also got nominated for this award by Gossip_Grl at Whatever , so please stop by there too! :)                                    The rules of this award are simple: 1. Nominate 15 others for the award and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs. 2. Create a post for the Versatile Blogger Award. 3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog. 4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself. 5. In the same post, include this set of rules.   Here are my 7 random things about me: 1. I very rarely drink alcohol. I don't think this makes me boring or anything - I still have loads of fun whenever I go out with my friends. In fact, if I do drink alcohol it tends to ruin my fun, because it just makes me feel s

My Birthday

It was my 22nd Birthday yesterday (yay!) But unfortunately, my body decided that yesterday would be the perfect day for me to develop the flu, so I spent most of the day lying in bed at my boyfriends, wishing I'd feel better! It ruined the plans we had to go out for a nice meal, but I got a domino's pizza instead, so it wasn't a complete disaster! Originally, I'd wanted to do something with my mum, but she had to work a late shift, so those plans fell through. Luckily for us though, it was her birthday the day before mine, and we went out for a nice meal for that. We also went shopping together on Sunday, where she bought me some clothes as my birthday presents, because I can't afford to buy my own at the minute! She also had someone at work make this cake for me, which I absolutely love! I haven't had any yet, but it certainly looks delicious! I can't wait to dig in :) Anyway, I'm going to go and watch some Grey's Anatomy with my mum, a

This Means War!

So, I had an awesome time at my sister's this week, and I get to spend even more time with her because I brought her back home with me so she can see mum and dad. One of our traditions whenever I go over there is that we make fairy cakes together, and this visit was no exception: It was pretty late by the time we decorated them, so that's why they look a little messy! They tasted lovely though (I ate the one in the corner before I remembered that I wanted to take a picture of them!) We also spent a lot of time playing on Katie's xbox, mainly on the new SSX game that's out, although we were pretty disappointed when we found out that it's not a multiplayer game, so we had to take turns. Katie, as usual, was pretty spectacular on it, coming first in all the races and beating everyone every time. I, however, am not as skilled at gaming as she is, and when I played we mostly heard cries of pain as my character went into trees and rocks. However, it was a lot of fun


So, something about me that you may not know is that I'm a fairly geeky person - I'm not so good with superheroes like Batman or Spiderman or anything like that, but I'm quite geeky in other ways. I like anime (although I really don't watch very much of it) like Dragonball Z, which was my favourite cartoon when I was younger! I also liked Tenchi Muyo, even though they stopped making it after a stupidly tiny amount of episodes. Anyway, I've recently started watching Big Bang Theory with my boyfriend, and I really would love to have friends like that! Anyway, I watched an episode last night that had me in fits of giggles, and I wanted to share the moment that made me laugh so much: The Lord of the Rings movies are one of the main things I'm quite geeky about - I must have seen them all at least 6 times, and I regularly quote from them and draw parallels with other things, so this clip really made me laugh! I can also be quite geeky with games, although most

The Liebster Award!

A big thank you to Jeremy over at Geeky Tendencies for giving me the Liebster Award! This is an award specially for bloggers who have less than 200 people following them, and helps them to gain more followers. The rules for accepting the award are as follows: 1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. 2. Nominate up to five others for the award. 3. Let them know via comment on their blog. 4. Post the award on your blog. Another rule was added by Inspirenordic and carried on by Jeremy, and I'm also going to add it to my list as I think it was a really good idea: 5. Follow this link and at least consider signing up for the A-Z Challenge. It is a great way to find new and interesting blogs, have people find your blog, and meet new people. Here are my winners: First, to James over at A New Leaf, a brand new blog which I know is going to be amazing, because I've seen his writing before. Second, to Why Do I Bother, which I on

The Woman in Black

For some reason, I decided to put myself through the ordeal of watching 'The Woman in Black' last night at the cinema. I was invited by my mum and her boyfriend, and I thought "Sure, it can't be that bad!" Famous last words. I should have known I wouldn't like it; I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary movies, especially ones that involve paranormal activities - I can (usually) handle monsters and the like, because they're not real, but with paranormal movies I find it much harder not to get sucked in, because for all we know, ghosts could be real, so in my mind, that could actually happen to me! Therein lies my fear. I managed to come up with a few coping mechanisms while watching this terrifying movie, the most obvious one being to hide behind my mum's coat whenever the music went spooky or went off completely, signifying an appearance of the WIB. My second coping mechanism involved the actor who plays the main character Arthur Kipps: D

A to Z Challenge: Why everyone should do it

The best thing I've done since starting my blog was joining the A to Z Challenge. It's been a great way of finding new blogs to follow, and also of getting my own followers! If I hadn't signed up for it, I'd probably only have one follower (if that) and it would have been much harder to find blogs that I enjoy reading, as most of the blogs that I'm following I either found on the A to Z sign up list, or they were mentioned in blogs that I'd already followed from the sign up list! Another reason why I'm so glad I joined the challenge is because I'm really looking forward to participating in it! I haven't really got a 'plan' for it; I've come up with some words for some of the letters, but for all I know I might want to write about a whole different word on the day, so I'm thinking I'm just going to wing it! Unless, of course, I come up with an absolutely amazing theme before April, but knowing me, this is unlikely! So the poin