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Sod's Law

I've had a pretty good first couple of days off work, apart from the fact that I've managed to catch a cold! It's sod's law that it only manifested itself after work on Monday, appearing fully on Tuesday morning, my first full day off! I'd really rather have had it when I was at work, then at least I'd have something to distract myself from it. It's one of those annoying colds that blocks your sinuses and makes your whole head hurt. Oh well, it could be much worse. :) On another note, I heard from one of my uni friends last night and she's suggested we meet up on Thursday evening, which has made me incredibly happy as I really miss my uni friends, I hardly ever get to see them now that we've all graduated, because we all live in different places now. It's also difficult to find a day that we can all actually meet up, because we all work different days. So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night, I can't wait to have a really big cat


I'm in a very good mood today, as I've now got 17 days off work! 17 days where I can sleep as long as I want to, and basically relax and do nothing day in and day out! Of course I'll still be working at the magazine I volunteer at, but my time will essentially be my own. I'm also planning on going to see my little sister for a couple of days next week; she's at university in Lincoln, just an hour away from me, so I'm going to stay over for a couple of days. I can't wait for this, mainly to see my sister (one of my favourite people in the world), but also because I really love driving, and the only driving I usually get to do is the 5 minute drive to work or the 10 minute drive to my boyfriends', so it will be nice to go on a real drive for a change! I was pretty much happy as soon as I got up this morning. This was probably helped by the fact that one of the first things I saw was a group of three guys running naked down my street first thing this morni

The funny habits of dogs

I was up at half past 3 this morning for my lovely job, and consequently I'm now struggling to stay awake, but I refuse to go to bed before 9 o clock, so I thought I'd write a post :) I could have had a nap after work to keep me going, but if I did that I'd probably struggle sleeping when I do go to bed, and unfortunately I have another early morning tomorrow, so an early bedtime is a must. So I was wondering what to post about when I realised that I haven't mentioned my dog in any of my posts so far. He's a black and white Cocker Spaniel called Alfie (named after my maternal grandad) and even though he annoys the heck out of me sometimes, I love him to pieces! He's an extremely cuddly dog, and insists on climbing on both mine and my mums knees even though he's quite big. Now I'm not going to bore you senseless going on and on about him, I'm just going to tell you about something he does which I find extremely funny. He's got it into his head

I've been tagged!

So I was tagged in this post by Jeremy from  Geeky Tendencies  which means I have to answer the following 10 questions. (By the way, thanks for tagging me, Jeremy!) I'm also supposed to tag 7 other people into it for them to answer the questions too, but I don't know enough people on here yet, so if you read this and want to participate, consider yourself tagged by me, and please let me know in my comments that you've done it. :) 1. What is your dream vacation? I really want to go to Egypt and see all the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and everything, I've always loved learning about the ancient Egyptians and things like that, so I think it would be a really fun holiday :) 2. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? I like to plan, I'm really not very good with spontaneity. Whenever I try to be spontaneous it just backfires on me, so I prefer to plan everything, I have numerous lists on my computer of things I need to do and even timetables tell

So excited!

I'm about to go to bed (early start in the morning) but I just found something out that has got me really excited: J.K.Rowling is writing a new book! Now I know there are some people out there who don't like Harry Potter, but it's actually my favourite book series, and I've been reading it over and over again since I was 11; I know most of them by heart! Obviously, I'm a big Harry Potter geek :P Unlike a lot of Harry Potter fans, I'm glad that J.K.Rowling is not writing another book about Harry Potter, as I think that if she did it would be too much: I believe the series ended in a perfect way, and anything else written about it would spoil it. I look forward to reading her new book when she publishes it, and I hope it will be as good as Harry Potter. :)

My A to Z idea

So, I've thought of an idea for my A-Z challenge blog posts: I've decided to use the theme of Favourites! So for example, for the letter "F" I could pick my favourite Food and write about it :) The food itself may not actually start with an F, but the theme of the post would be Food, so I figure it doesn't matter! I know what I'm going to use for most of my letters now, so I'm looking forward to it! On another note, the weather's lovely where I live in England today - the sun is shining and I can actually feel something that feels strangely like warmth - something I've not felt without the help of central heating or my bedcovers since last September! It feels as if Spring might actually be on its way, which, however much I love Winter, would be nice! But I have a feeling the weather might just be lulling us all into a false sense of security, so it'll probably snow again next week! Oh well, it's nice even if it's only for one day :)

Thinking Positive

So, I'm usually a very optimistic person - it takes a lot to bring me down. But this time last month, I  wasn't the happiest I could have been for a number of reasons. The main one was a lack of direction in my life - I'd been trying for a while to get onto a PGCE course, but had been rejected both times I'd gone for an interview. I also had money trouble (same as most other people, I guess), but this one doesn't bother me too much, because I have a job and a lot of people can't get one. Now, however, I'm very happy - I've come to realise in the past couple of weeks that the only reason I was trying to get into teaching was because I've never thought of myself doing anything else. But the truth is, I don't think I'd make a very good teacher. So I got to thinking about what I am good at: reading and writing, which are necessary skills for a Journalist. I'd never thought of a career as a Journalist before, but the more I thought about it,

Pancake Day!

So, I attempted to make pancakes for my breakfast, it being pancake day and all. I've made them before, so I thought it would be really easy...I was wrong! I was fine with making the batter mix, but it was the cooking part that got me. I used too much butter in the pan so the first pancake looked awful, and then I couldn't flip it so it stuck to the pan! For the second pancake I used less butter but again had the flipping problem! So I gave up, put some fruit bread in the toaster and decided to wait for my mum to come home so she can cook me pancakes for tea! Oh well, at least I tried!

A to Z Challenge

So, since my blog is brand new, I thought what better way to break it in than to do the A to Z challenge, involving me posting a blog every day (excepting Sundays) throughout the month of April, each day corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. I have no idea yet what theme I will use for this challenge, or whether I'll even use a theme. I might just pick something random for every letter, or unrelated things that I'm very passionate about. :) On an unrelated note, I'm so excited for pancake day tomorrow! I really love food (hey, maybe it'll be my F!) so I'm looking forward to a day of pigging out on pancakes!

About Me

So, while at work this morning, I realised that I hadn't actually said very much about myself in yesterdays blog post, apart from the fact that I have a bad temper sometimes, which doesn't paint a very good picture of myself! So here is a post to describe me. I'm 21 and from England, I have a degree in English Literature but I'm currently working at Asda. I've recently become very interested in a career in Journalism, and it is this that encouraged me to start this blog. I'm just about to start some work experience at a voluntary magazine to get better acqainted with Journalism, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of posts about that! I'm also trying to teach myself to play the keyboard/piano, so I'm sure that'll feature here too :) I'm an avid player of The Sims games, as well as Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and 3, so they might get a few mentions too. I'm going to leave it at this for the time being, got to save something for future posts!

My New Blog

Welcome to my Baffling Brain :) This blog is going to be used as a way for me to express my thoughts about pretty much everything, from books I read, to mundane things that happen to me during the day. I also see it as a kind of anger management...sometimes I can have a pretty bad temper, and I figure this is a better way to express my feelings than getting mardy and sulking! I'm not writing much in this first entry, because it took me so long to find a domain name that no one else had used! Also, I have to go to bed soon (I know, it's not even 10 o clock yet!) because unfortunately I have to be up at half past 3 to go to my lovely job :) Hopefully my blog will be entertaining, and at the very least it'll serve as a means of sorting out some of the jumbled thoughts in my baffling brain!