Pancake Day!

So, I attempted to make pancakes for my breakfast, it being pancake day and all. I've made them before, so I thought it would be really easy...I was wrong! I was fine with making the batter mix, but it was the cooking part that got me. I used too much butter in the pan so the first pancake looked awful, and then I couldn't flip it so it stuck to the pan! For the second pancake I used less butter but again had the flipping problem! So I gave up, put some fruit bread in the toaster and decided to wait for my mum to come home so she can cook me pancakes for tea!
Oh well, at least I tried!


  1. Welcome to blogging and to the world of A-Z. That's where I saw your site listed. Keep up the great work, there are lots of great encouragers out there who will be by here sooner or later I expect.

    1. Thanks! It's nice to know that someone's actually reading my blog. I thought the A-Z Challenge would be a good way to get it started :)

  2. Wow! cool story keep on trying!:)


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