I'm in a very good mood today, as I've now got 17 days off work! 17 days where I can sleep as long as I want to, and basically relax and do nothing day in and day out! Of course I'll still be working at the magazine I volunteer at, but my time will essentially be my own. I'm also planning on going to see my little sister for a couple of days next week; she's at university in Lincoln, just an hour away from me, so I'm going to stay over for a couple of days. I can't wait for this, mainly to see my sister (one of my favourite people in the world), but also because I really love driving, and the only driving I usually get to do is the 5 minute drive to work or the 10 minute drive to my boyfriends', so it will be nice to go on a real drive for a change!
I was pretty much happy as soon as I got up this morning. This was probably helped by the fact that one of the first things I saw was a group of three guys running naked down my street first thing this morning! Not something you expect to see when you look out of your window at 5 o clock in the morning! This consequently had me erupting into fits of giggles all morning at work (it was such a funny sight!) so I was in a very good mood from the moment I got up. :)


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