My New Blog

Welcome to my Baffling Brain :)

This blog is going to be used as a way for me to express my thoughts about pretty much everything, from books I read, to mundane things that happen to me during the day.
I also see it as a kind of anger management...sometimes I can have a pretty bad temper, and I figure this is a better way to express my feelings than getting mardy and sulking!
I'm not writing much in this first entry, because it took me so long to find a domain name that no one else had used! Also, I have to go to bed soon (I know, it's not even 10 o clock yet!) because unfortunately I have to be up at half past 3 to go to my lovely job :)
Hopefully my blog will be entertaining, and at the very least it'll serve as a means of sorting out some of the jumbled thoughts in my baffling brain!


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