The funny habits of dogs

I was up at half past 3 this morning for my lovely job, and consequently I'm now struggling to stay awake, but I refuse to go to bed before 9 o clock, so I thought I'd write a post :) I could have had a nap after work to keep me going, but if I did that I'd probably struggle sleeping when I do go to bed, and unfortunately I have another early morning tomorrow, so an early bedtime is a must.
So I was wondering what to post about when I realised that I haven't mentioned my dog in any of my posts so far. He's a black and white Cocker Spaniel called Alfie (named after my maternal grandad) and even though he annoys the heck out of me sometimes, I love him to pieces! He's an extremely cuddly dog, and insists on climbing on both mine and my mums knees even though he's quite big.
Now I'm not going to bore you senseless going on and on about him, I'm just going to tell you about something he does which I find extremely funny.
He's got it into his head that anytime me, my mum or my sister puts our shoes on, it means walkies! Because of this, he gets really excited and starts bounding around the house, making us feel guilty for not taking him for a walk. The funny part is this: he seems to think that if he piles up enough shoes by the front door, then we'll take him for a walk (even though he's clearly watched us putting our shoes on already, as that's what has made him think it's walkies time.) So he takes as many shoes as he can to the front door, and by the time we're ready to go wherever we're going, he's sat there happily, wagging his tail, with a big pile of assorted shoes at his feet.
This is where we feel even guiltier, as he watches us take all the shoes back to where they belong, and walk out of the house, the expression on his face one of sheer disbelief that we'd go without him after he made the effort to collect all those shoes. Bless him.
Anyway, my bed is calling!


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