U is for Upper Egypt

Just a short one today.

Taken from here

- Upper Egypt is a narrow strip of land, and extends from modern day Aswan (at the bottom of the map) to just south of modern day Cairo.

- Upper Egypt was more isolated than Lower Egypt. It is located along the Nile Valley, and there are steep cliffs at either side. Therefore Lower Egypt had more dealings with the world, and therefore that's where the culture came from.

- The two areas had many differences in the ancient world. They spoke different dialects, had different customs, needs and interests. These differences, and the tensions created by them, still exist in modern times.


  1. Its just like England and Scotland (sort of . . . . OK I lie) . . . .

  2. And yet we always think of the Nile area when we think of Egypt.

  3. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they had a different dialect and customs in Upper Egypt, given the distance between it and it's Lower neighbor.

    I wonder what you've got for "X"...? :)

  4. Stopping in to say 'hi' from the A-Z challenge-love your challenge theme, it's very unique :)

    Finley Jayne

  5. geography clearly had a lot of impact on the way the two parts of Egypt developed.
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  6. It's interesting how tribes in some nations came together and got along reasonably well, while in others they still are unable to reconcile their differences. The Europeans who conquered so many of those countries made it worse. I'm thinking out loud here.....

  7. I love learning about how geography impacts the way culture develops. Fascinating stuff!

  8. Interesting tidbit about Egypt!

  9. It's so interesting that Lower and Upper Egypt were so different.

  10. Huh. If I ever write a bit about ancient Egypt, I'm totally going to have to remember that. It could be a game changer. =)

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  11. What always amazed me was that upper was actually down (on a map), and down up based on the flow of the Nile.

  12. The tensions definitely. There's a lot of unrest between those two regions.

  13. I'm enjoying learning about Egypt from you, one post at a time!

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  14. Uh-huh! That is so cool to learn!

  15. Interesting that there is still tension between them due to differences after all this time. Everyone just needs to hug and get along! ;)

  16. I have no idea the tensions were still there or that the two parts were divided by so many things. I'm also still trying to get my head round the fact I have been thinking of Upper and Lower Egypt the wrong way round for so many years :).
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