Q is for Queen

Pharaohs were more commonly male, but some of the most famous pharoahs have been female.

- Ankhesenamun - married to Tutankhamun, it is believed she tried to save the throne once he died.

Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun
Taken from here
- Cleopatra VII - the most famous female pharaoh to come out of ancient Egypt.

- Hatshepsut - a hugely powerful pharaoh, who used her intelligence to maintain her stance.

- Nefertari - the queen of Ramses II, who was the most powerful pharaoh ever to rule Egypt.

- Nefertiti - known to be the most beautiful queen to rule ancient Egypt.


  1. Hang on . . . .Cleopatra VII, you mean there were loads of them well that explains a lot.

  2. I've always thought Hatshepsut was a kick-arse pharaoh, even if Cleopatra got more press in later years :)
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  3. this is a great post - but so funny because i just visited someone doing fairy tales and she did queens and there is quite a difference!! next i'll see some British queens right? and then there's rocking Queen! didn't mean to diminish yours - still loving the egyptian theme!
    happy a to z-ing!

  4. They ought to make a movie about Hatshepsut!

  5. I'd take Hatshepsut's intelligence to rule over the rest...not that they're lacking, but brains wins!

  6. I love reading about powerful women!

  7. it would be interesting to know how they rose to power, since it was usually a role reserved for men.

  8. Do we know anything about the previous 6 Cleopatras? They clearly were not as memorable. :)

  9. It nice to see an ancient society where the women had ambition too even if Hatshepsut had to make believe at being a man to be pharaoh.
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