I was going to do a part two of last week's writing for this post, but I ran out of time to write it! I've had a very busy week, what with my uncle coming over, so I quickly wrote the following flash fiction instead.
The inspiration came from my sister, who got scared the other day when she went to bed because she heard the sound of a piano (it was probably the cat jumping on my keyboard). Enjoy!

Taken from here

Emily switched off her computer and sighed; another night spent on her own because of her mum’s stupid work hours. She padded around the empty house, checking that all the doors and windows were locked and the lights turned off before going into her bedroom to get ready for bed.

As she turned to close the door behind her, she heard a sound which made her pause: it was the tinkling of piano keys. Wondering if she’d left the radio on downstairs, Emily sighed again and made her way through the dark house. The piano playing grew louder, and she realised it was coming from the rarely used dining room. There was an old piano in there, but it was out of tune and nobody had played it for years.

Pausing at the bottom of the stairs, Emily listened to the music. It was hauntingly beautiful, filled with sorrow and a sense of loneliness. It made her feel both happy and sad as she listened, and she felt a burning desire to get closer to it.

Emily crept silently down the hallway towards the door to the dining room, and noticed a light shining underneath it. She felt no fear as she approached the door; it was as if the beautiful music was drawing her closer, pulling her towards the room.

Emily reached out her hand, and pulled open the door. The music stopped. 


  1. That was a beautiful haunting story! I love how you're able to write such a good short story, mine always ramble on and on and never get anywhere lol!

    I would have been scared too if I was your sister!

    1. Thank you!
      I was annoyed with her for telling me, because I'm home alone a lot and it freaked me out! It hasn't happened to me...yet!

  2. Well done you need to do more flash fiction, it is rather good.


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