U is for Unrequited

I'm doing flash fiction for this year's A to Z challenge, hope you enjoy! 
I've missed a few letters, but I'm determined to carry on nonetheless!


I clear my throat. It’s now or never.
“Umm, Jasmine?” I call, and my voice breaks.
She turns, her perfect blue eyes coming to rest on me, her blonde hair swishing like she’s in a shampoo commercial.
“Hi,” she says. “Erm, sorry, I don’t know your name.”
“It’s Jeremy,” I say, heat rushing to my face. “I just - I was wondering…”
“Yes?” She looks politely bewildered.
“Do you want to go out with me, sometime, maybe?” The words come out in such a rush I’m surprised she even understands them.
“Oh, I’m sorry, erm, Jeremy. I’m just, pretty busy, what with work and everything…”
Her words trail off.
“Bye, Jeremy,” she says when I don’t reply.
Months of planning, wasted.


  1. poor Jeremy,months of planning and still the 'author' is unwilling to help him,

  2. And in a flash, she shoots him down. And girls wonder why boys never ask them out.

  3. I know how he feels, my A to Z is a bit like this.

  4. Ouch! Great story highlighting most men's biggest fear... rejection.
    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. Ouch. But hey, at least he tried. A lot of guys don't even have the courage to try that.

  6. Oh! That is SO sad! Poor Jeremy. And it's my brother's name. ~Liz My blog is at: http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com Blogger will take you to the wrong site.

  7. Stopping by from the #atozchallenge 2015! Don't forget our after party. The Reflections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th.
    Great post. I'm following you on your listed social media sites. Ouch!! The pain of this one.
    J @JLenniDorner

  8. You are really good at dialogue!

  9. The experiences that mark the rest of our lives in a nutshell. So happy you're back :)

  10. Awww, poor guy. Great writing!
    HOpe you finish with a strong Yippee and Z end! :)

  11. Hello Miss Laura I hope all is well.. . . . . I suspect you are busy it is not like you not to complete a task. But it is still not too late to sneak to Z if you still feel so inclined.

    All the very best
    Rob Z Tobor


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