What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow, and the idea is to let other bloggers know where you are with any writing and reading goals you may have.

1. What I'm reading

While I was ill last week I finished Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I loved both books, though Crown of Midnight had the edge for me - it kept me hooked the whole way through. I can't wait for the next in the series.

I'm now reading A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton. It was a Christmas present from my mum, and I didn't really know what to make of it, but I'm enjoying it so far.

2. What I'm writing

What with being ill last week, I haven't really had the chance to get writing yet. Now that I'm better, I should be able to find more time. I have been reading through my NaNo draft, though, and I've got loads of notes down in my little notebook for the first revision. I'm optimistic about it; I can see all of the parts that don't make sense and need changing, and I know how I'm going to go about changing it. Hopefully I'll get started on rewrites over the next week.

3. What else I've been up to

Mostly trying to catch up after my illness last week. I was already behind on everything I wanted to do before I got ill, and it set me back even more. I'm starting to get back on track, though.

This afternoon is my graduation for my Creative Writing Masters degree, and I'm quite excited - it's something I'm very proud of, and I'm glad I took the risk and decided to do it.

4. What inspires me right now

Knowing that I'm getting somewhere with my NaNo draft. I have pages and pages of notes down for it, and this is inspiring - it means I know what to do to improve it, make it as good as it can be. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm optimistic that I can get this novel where I want it to be. 


  1. Don't stress about being behind. Just start where you are now.

  2. Enjoy your graduation, you've earned it!

  3. Keep that optimism, Laura ... You'll get there!

  4. Glad to see you back and bouncy Miss Laura . . . . . The world does throw the odd thing in our way at times . . . . .

  5. aww congrats on the graduation, how you had fun :)

  6. Congratulations on your graduation!! Have fun!!! Enjoy!

    And best of wishes with your writing! :)

  7. Always a good feeling to know you're getting somewhere with a story. Best of luck!

  8. 1. Textbooks. 2. Assignments. 3. Working out. 4. Zyzz.

    Congrats on your grad!

  9. Glad you're feeling better! I look forward to stopping by during A to Z!


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