Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop hosted by Viklit over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week.

This week I'm celebrating: 

- It's pay-day! It's been a long time coming this month, because I had to buy four new tyres for my car right after my last pay-day. It's so nice to have money again! I can't spend it, though, I have to save it for my holiday in September. 

- Books! I've read some great books in the last couple of weeks, and I have even more waiting for me to read. 

- I spent some time with my sister on Wednesday and we made Flapjacks, which were lovely. We were going to make gingerbread men, until we realised she didn't have enough plain flour. Whoops! 


  1. Tires, books, and sisters. That's what I call a celebration! Enjoy.

  2. Gingerbread men next time!
    Money is always good.

  3. Books? I'm in! That needs its own "Yay!" lol

    Glad pay-day has arrived and that you spent time with your sister, gingerbread or not ;)

  4. Sounds like a fun time with your sister and having money is always good. Books are the icing on the cake.

  5. Money is always good to have and books are even better!

  6. Ohh I do love a bit of flapjack! Yay for pay day and great books to read.

  7. Flapjacks are really fun. we have them for special occasions. You can make them so many different ways. So glad you have good books and pay day to celebrate too.

  8. Yay for payday! Anything involving a car can get expensive. You can make gingerbread some other time. It'll give you something awesome to look forward to. Hmm, maybe I'll make some gingerbread men with my boys and let them decorate them. That would be interesting!

  9. I'm stuck helping my sister move in all weekend. Yay.

  10. I'm celebrating my last week of freedom. I don't want to go back to classes...


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