Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop hosted by Viklit over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week.

I know we're supposed to celebrate small things in this blog hop, but I've got a big celebration today: 

I've got a promotion at work! I'm really happy because I didn't think I'd get it. I had the interview on Wednesday, and while it went really well I still wasn't sure whether I'd get the job. I found out today that I did, and I'm ecstatic! I won't start properly until October, but I can't wait to get started on all the training. 

Here are some small things I'm celebrating: 

- Cuddles with this beauty: 

- The weather's been a bit cooler over the last couple of days, and it's been nice to have a break from the heat. 

- The Great British Bake-Off starts again next week! I love watching it, as it always inspires me to bake. 


  1. Congratulations on the promotion! That's fantastic! I hope it also means you'll get paid more...

  2. Well Done Miss Laura. . . . . And cats do love a box.

  3. Congratulations on the promotion!!! That is awesome

  4. Oh wow congratulations, Laura. I love cuddles with kitties :)

  5. Congratulations on the promotion. I agree that slightly cooler weather is quite nice after the heat!

  6. Congratulations on getting the promotion! That's so exciting! Have a great weekend!

  7. Congrats on your promotion! So many folks with BIG celebrations this week, I love it!

  8. Beautiful kitty. And that bake off sounds like fun! Congrats on the promotion. That's wonderful.

  9. Congrats on the promotion! Best of luck for October :)

  10. Congrats - I'm sure it is well deserved. Cute kitty, by the way.

    Cooler weather is hitting my stomping grounds of Tennessee, too. It's awesome. I shun the heat.

    Have a good week!


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