Goals for January!

I have quite a few goals for January, it's going to be a busy month! That's fine with me though, I'm feeling really motivated at the minute!

My goals for December were:

Do my Christmas shopping! – I managed all of my Christmas shopping in time for the big day, but I feel like I was a bad daughter this year. I didn’t get my mum as much as I wanted to; I wanted to get her a Kindle, but in the end I couldn’t afford it. I’m hoping to get her one for her birthday in March.

Symposium – The Symposium went fine, I got through my reading with no problems.  

Portfolio – I’m quite pleased with my portfolio at the minute; I have a lot of things to put into it, which are very nearly ready.  

Get back on top of my blog posts – I feel like I’ve been quite a good blogger in terms of blog posts over the past month, and I mean to keep it that way. I still have a lot of ideas, so that’s good. Now I just need to comment more, I’m terrible at commenting!

My goals for January are:

Open a savings account – One of my new year resolutions is to save money, and I’ve been meaning to open a savings account for a while now. Hopefully I’ll get that done today.

Finish my two assignments well – Only just under two weeks left until I have to hand them in, but they’re going alright at the minute. I’m nearly there, I just need to work very hard for the next few days!

Write 1000 words a day – this is for the 100k in 100 days challenge. With my assignments and my blogging, I should do this without too much trouble. I’m a little behind at the minute, but I have a lot of time off at the minute which means lots of writing time!

Finish 4 books – This is for my Goodreads reading challenge to read 50 books this year; if I finish 4 a month I should meet that goal. I’ve finished one already (I started it before Christmas but finished it on the 1st, I hope it’s not considered cheating!) so I’m doing well so far.

Do some overtime – I’m not doing any overtime before my assignments are due on the 16th, so I’ll need to do quite a lot after, or I won’t be able to pay my bills!

Here's hoping my motivation lasts!


  1. Don't feel bad at all about not being able to buy your mum so much for Christmas, I feel the same but the my mum my well being is what makes her Christmas the most and it'll be the same with your mum I'm sure. Good luck with the overtime, books and assignments too Laura, you're going to definitely be busy this month anyway and the rest of the year too going by your resolutions.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully my motivation lasts to help me get through it!

  2. I want to do the 1000 words a day, but I'm just not sure if I can do it. :/ Accountability is key for me lately.

    Love your list for January!

    1. I'm doing alright so far, but I know I'm going to have down days! I just hope I have high days to counteract that!

  3. Great!!! Its so awesome that you have goals and a plan all the time! Keep up the good work))

  4. Reading this made me realize I've yet to get my Sis and her fella their Christmas gift (a gift card to a restaurant). Yikes!

    And good luck on the 1K words a day! It does seem an attainable goal.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, much easier than 1700, especially since I can count blog posts!


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