100k in 100 days update!

I'm still doing quite well with this challenge. At least, I'm keeping up so far! I have days where I don't get much written, but then I have days when I get a lot written that make up for that.

Not sure how I'll do once I've handed my assignments in; they're responsible for the majority of my word count so far! But I'm hoping to start my next assignment fairly soon, and there are other things that I'm planning on writing as well.

Writing every day really does make a difference; the more I write, the more ideas for stories and poems I get, and the more I want to write. Hopefully I'll keep writing every day even after the challenge is over.

Anyway, here are my stats from the last week:

Tuesday Jan-08 - 779

Wednesday Jan-09 - 391

Thursday Jan-10 - 824

Friday Jan-11 - 1004

Saturday Jan-12 - 1750

Sunday Jan-13 - 1128

Monday Jan-14 - 2560

Obviously the closer my assignment hand in date, the higher my word count! I don't think it'll be very high today, as mostly I'll be doing last minute things like final checks and printing it all out. I'm at 15758 words so far, so I'm still on track. 

As for my Goodreads Reading Challenge, I've read two books so far. I should get more reading time when I've handed my assignments in. 


  1. These are really impressive stats. Congratulations and I hope the rest of the challenge goes just as well for you. Good luck with the assignment!

    I'm two books in on my Goodreads goal as well, I'm anxious to get more reading time in.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah I thought I would have read more by now, but I have been focusing more on my writing than my reading.

  2. Wow I wish I could say I had stats like this. I am just proud of myself when I get a blog post up nevermind have a day where I write 2560 words like you did one day!

  3. You're doing awesome so far Laura, you need to keep up your intensity at the start in case you falter later on so massive congratulations to you!

  4. its great, keep spirit to destroy this world. Hahahahaha

  5. Great job! Being consistent is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing!

  6. Keep it up, Laura! You're doing great.

  7. Congratulations. Just hang in there and you'll be done before you realize it. :)

  8. Congrats and just keep writing! You are doing great!

  9. Woohoo! Keep up the good work!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  10. Congratulations! You sound like you're on a roll... take advantage of it and go with the creative flow!
    I think it's my first time visiting your place. Nice to meet you! *waving*


  11. Wow, I've barely hit 10k words total for one of my other projects. ._.

  12. Looking good! I know you can do this. :-)


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