Torn by Cat Clarke!

Cat Clarke's novel Entangled is one of the most emotional, brilliant books I've ever read (I will review it one day!) so I was looking forward to reading Torn. It has a totally different story, and I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I enjoyed Entangled, but it was still an excellent read. I would rate this book 4 out of 5.

Four girls. One dead body. A whole lot of guilt.

Alice King isn’t expecting the holiday of a lifetime when she sets off with her classmates on a trip to the Scottish wilderness, but she’s not exactly prepared for an experience beyond her darkest nightmares…

Alice and her best friend Cass are stuck in a cabin with Polly, the social outcast, and Rae, the moody emo-girl. Then there’s Tara – queen of mean. Powerful, beautiful and cruel, she likes nothing better than putting people down.

Cass decides it’s time to teach Tara a lesson she’ll never forget. And so begins a series of events that will change the lives of these girls forever...

A compelling story of guilty secrets, troubled friendship and burgeoning love.

Favourite Character: My favourite character in this novel was actually Tara. Although she did some horrible things and didn't seem to be a very nice person, she was made that way by Alice. Her mean personality was a defence mechanism, and I don't really blame her for turning out the way she did. I also like her because she is honest and upfront. 

Least Favourite Character: My least favourite character was Polly - she's just a horrible person! She takes advantages of situations so they work out in her favour, and lets other people take the blame for things she did. 

Positive Aspects: I loved watching the romance blossom between Jack and Alice - it was so sweet, exactly like a first romance should be. I also loved the story - it definitely pulled me in, causing more than one late night, because I couldn't put it down and go to sleep! I enjoyed slowly finding out about the events of that night, and watching how each girl dealt with it. I liked the ending, which left things quite open, so I could imagine what happens next. 

Negative Aspects: Again, I didn't really like the main character! She didn't seem to have much of a mind of her own, she was always following other people and doing what they expected her to do. Although she did slightly redeem herself in the end. 


  1. It's a shame that you don't really like the main character Laura because in my eyes that has to be a real clincher. Thanks for the review though, it's a shame you didn't enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed the last book.

    1. I know, if I don't like the main character I tend to dislike the book, the main character has to be likeable for me! The book was good though, just not as good as I was expecting, but I had very high expectations! :)

  2. Your bookshelves must be packed! This sounds really interesting though I'm wondering why 5 girls who don't seem to be friends in the first place are on holiday with each other lol?

    1. Haha yeah they are! Oh, they're on a school trip and get allocated to the same cabin! I wondered the same thing before I read the book lol :)

  3. I'll have to pass on this book. Girlfriend is getting me to read Game of Thrones.

    1. Ooh I don't blame you then, Game of Thrones is awesome :)


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