Goals for May

I didn't do a "Goals" post for April, since I knew I'd be so busy with the A to Z challenge - and I was right! I'm glad I didn't set myself any goals.

Here are my goals for May:

- Start revisions on my Nano novel - I've been wanting to get started on these for months now, but I just haven't had the time. Now that the A to Z is over, I shouldn't have any trouble getting started with these.

- Read 6 books - I'm two books behind for my Goodreads reading challenge, so I need to get a move on and read more. I'm going on holiday for a week this month, so hopefully I'll get plenty of reading done there.

- Write every day - I haven't been writing much lately at all, so I need to get back into the habit of writing every day.


  1. Good goals there. Recently my goal has just been to get any writing or editing done - I finished revising my Nano (2012) novel finally, so now onto the next challenge!

  2. I think most of us didn't set goals for April outside of surviving the Challenge!

  3. I set my goal for April, which was to visit every blog on the A to Z . . . . Amazingly I did it.

    I have no goals for May as such, but I suspect something will leap out from behind a tree and need to be achieved

  4. I definitely didn't set any goals for April. Good luck with your May goals, Laura! :)

  5. Worthy goals. I hope you get a lot of writing done for May! I have two novels to revise, a few to edit for other writers, and a lot of painting to catch up on. I think I'll divide this into a few months. :-)
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  6. I love reading about your goals for the month. I'd better not set any goals for this Month either as I'll be spending half of it at the Cannes Film Festival. But for all the other days, my goal is to write every day as well. Good luck.

  7. Ah, goals! I need some of those, and more reading for sure. What are you planning on reading this month?

  8. All commendable goals!

    I've to beef up my reading, too.


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