Express Yourself - Favourite Subject

The Express Yourself meme is co-hosted by Dani and Jackie. Each week bloggers answer a different question, so they can get to know each other better. I haven't taken part in a few weeks, but hopefully I'll keep up this month!

This week's question is: What was your favorite subject in high school and/or college?

This was an easy question for me. English was always my favourite subject, and the subject I was best at. I liked all aspects of it; spelling, grammar, literature, writing. My love for the subject led to me choosing English Literature for my university degree, and then Creative Writing for my masters degree. 

I also enjoyed Geography, purely because I loved learning about natural disasters; hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. I also loved Psychology when I studied it in college, that was very interesting. 


  1. Good favorite subject for a writer!
    Mine was music.

  2. Definitely a great choice for a writer. :)

  3. I love that English was always your favourite, I was always good at literal subjects myself, the exact opposites at subjects with concrete answers like Geography though.

  4. Great subject picks! In college I tested out of English/Writing courses so I was excited about that!

  5. HI Laura, I nominated you for another award. Please stop by to find out more.

  6. Creative Writing was one of my choices. :D
    I liked Psychology, too... it was my major in college.


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