Goals for July

I managed to achieve all of my goals for June:

- Plan my dissertation - all done and ready for me to start writing after I've finished this blog post!

- Read 5 more books - I've actually read 8 books this month, so I'm up to 25 out of my 50 - right on schedule!

- Lots of overtime - Definitely done this, I can tell because I have absolutely no energy! I have two days off now, though, to recharge :)

Here are my goals for July:

- Write my dissertation/finish Camp NaNo - I have to write 12500 words by July 19th - that's 700 words a day, definitely doable. That's why I'm using Camp NaNo to write it, since you can set your own word count now. That way, I can take the first draft with me on holiday on the 19th to read through and edit. 

- Read lots - Vague, I know, but since I'm going on holiday I should get loads of books read, so there's not much point setting a goal!

- Have an awesome holiday! - I'm going to Spain on the 19th, which is going to be amazing - I need the break! I've been working really hard lately, at work and at home, so I can't wait to go and relax for 10 days :)


  1. You'll have a lot of reading time on the plane to Spain. (Dear Lord, I rhymed!)
    And seven hundred words a day is very doable.

  2. Glad to hear you are ahead of schedule! That is always a nice feeling. Have fun on holiday and make sure to enjoy yourself and be safe!

  3. Enjoy your trip and congrats on meeting your goals in June. I do need to set some of my own.

  4. Spain! Enjoy yourself.

    Congrats on meeting all your June goals.I've no doubt you'll ace July, too.

  5. Wow you had a productive month!! Good luck with NaNo and enjoy the countdown to your trip. :)

  6. Kudos to you for having monthly goals. Man, I don't know if I could handle that monthly. Hope you have as much success with these new goals. Writer’s Mark

  7. I really hope that you enjoy your time off work Laura because it sounds like you most certainly deserve it! Have a great one!

  8. Hope you have a really lovely, relaxing holiday. Well done for achieving so much so far.

  9. Hello Miss Laura . . . . I don't do Blog awards but today I do and I have passed it on to you.... It OK because there is nothing to do but smile.

  10. Have an awesome holiday!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  11. Great job on your goals! :) It sounds like you are doing well! Reading more is something I want to be doing too. Good luck with Camp NaNo/your dissertation - you can do it!

  12. If I could just find a full-time job, I'd be so happy.


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