Celebrate the Small Things

If you're here from the A to Z challenge, you can find my 'Q' post here.

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop hosted by Viklit over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week.

This week I'm celebrating:

- I'm going to see my uni friends from my undergraduate course tomorrow - I haven't seen them for ages, so that should be a fun get-together!

- I'm off work until next Thursday, which gives me a chance to finish my assignments and catch up on some sleep!

- My pamphlet is almost done, I just have 3 more poems to edit today and then tomorrow I'm printing it off! My friend has done the cover for me, and it looks awesome! Part of the assignment is to publish it online, so I'll put a link up here when I've done that so anyone who is interested can take a look :)

- I wrote a novel for Camp Nano last August, and haven't even looked at it since. I got an amazing idea for it the other day, and since then the ideas haven't stopped flowing! It means re-writing the entire thing, but it's going to make the story so much better - the first draft was pretty terrible!


  1. Yay for the ideas for your novel. It's great when that happens. Just don't stop writing!! :D

  2. Woohoo for a great idea. That's what first drafts are for, get you started and lets you rip it apart and sometimes completely change the thing but hey, good practice right?
    Have fun with your friends and yay for only 3 more poems ;)

  3. Excellent. Sounds like you're on very inspired right now. Go for it! :D

  4. Great ideas are awesome! And first drafts are just meant for getting the bare bones of the idea on the paper. Now you can add the muscle to the story! Hooray for three more poems and your pamphlet!!!

  5. Have fun with your friends ;) and yay to pamphlet done!

  6. Some nice things to be thankful....and have fun :)

  7. Yay for new ideas and have tonnes of fun with your uni buddies!

  8. Well done on the pamphlet, great work Laura, you deserve some fun now!

  9. yay for all your fun & exciting happenings!
    esp the flow of ideas!

    and loving your greek theme! pandora is my fave! she released everything that makes life interesting! the struggles!

  10. Laura, lovely detailed post. It seems to me that quite a few of our fellow celebrators have fallen by the wayside. Let's keep this thing going!


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