X is for Xanthus

Henri Regnault[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons
Xanthus was one of the two immortal horses gifted to Peleus by Poseidon as a wedding present. Later, Peleus gave these horses to his son, Achilles, to draw his chariot in the Trojan War.

When Patroclus, Achilles' comrade in arms, was killed in battle, Achilles blamed Xanthus in grief for not stopping the death. Hera granted Xanthus human speech and he said to Achilles that Patroclus had been killed by a god, and that a god would soon kill Achilles.

The Erinyes (the Furies) then struck the horse dumb.


  1. Apparently Xanthus also asked for some decent hay which is why he was struck dumb again. The last thing the Gods needed was a horse ruining a good story.

    Rob Z Tobor

  2. Interesting myth! I don't think I heard this one before. :-)

  3. I suppose the Furies didn't like the story coming straight from the horse's mouth!

  4. I have a Xanthus for my X too, only a different one. :)

  5. I'd never heard this story before myself Laura, a pretty cool present for sure.

  6. So basically you have an immortal horse that will forever be in a vegetative state? What a waste.


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