M is for Midas

Walter Crane [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Midas, the King of Pessinus, was granted a wish by Dionysus for bringing the Satyr Silenus back to him. Midas wished for everything he touched to be turned to gold. Dionysus warned him of the dangers of such a wish, but Midas didn't listen, distracted by his greed.
Midas was thrilled by his gift, and delighted in changing everything he could into gold. He ordered his servants to provide a feast to celebrate his new power. However, whenever he touched the food they brought, it turned to gold.
When his daughter was turned to gold at his touch, he realised his mistake and pleaded to Dionysus for help. The god told Midas to bathe in the Pactolus River, and as soon as he touched the water, his golden touch was washed away. The gold settled in the sands of the river and flowed downstream to Lydia, one of the richest kingdoms in the ancient world.


  1. It was nice to hear a bit more of the detail of this story. So, was that how they explained why that ancient kingdom was so rich?

  2. Of course I've heard of Midas but I have never this ending before. I like it!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  3. Interesting. I never knew he got a second chance.

  4. I always thought it was really tragic when he turned his daughter to gold.

  5. I love this tale and it shows just what greed can do.

  6. And in one fell swoop I've finally learned the whole meaning behind the name Midas touch, surprising that is has such a tragic ending though.

  7. I've gotta say, Midas was obviously an idiot. It wouldn't have taken much thought to see where THAT wish was going. Just a tiny bit of thought. Dionysus was probably like, "Hey dude...uuuuh...you might wanna think about that, you know...just for a second, to--No? Really? You're serious about this?"

  8. I never worked out how he got his clothes on.

  9. Its funny that people now say its great to have the "Midas touch". Obviously, its not such a great thing for Midas himself.


  10. Great theme, Laura! And HUGE props to you for doing the A-Z. I'm still not brave enough! :D

  11. Dropping by from A-Z Challenge and wishing I had the Midas Touch every time I don't win the Euromillions!

  12. Great post for M! I've always loved this story.
    Stopping by from AtoZ


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