Z is for Zeus

Last post of the A to Z challenge, so I'll make it a good one :)
Wenceslaus Hollar[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons
Zeus (also known as Jupiter) was the god of the sky, and ruler of the Olympian gods. After overthrowing his father, Cronus, Zeus drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Zeus won, becoming the ruler of the gods and the sky, while Poseidon became the god of the sea and Hades the god of the Underworld. His weapon is a lightning bolt, which he uses against people who displease him. He was married to Hera (Juno) but known for his many affairs.

Zeus was famous for overthrowing his father, Cronus, who had swallowed the rest of his children. He then went on to overthrow Titans,  and battled with the monster Typhoeus, eventually casting him down into the Underworld. When the Giants stormed Olympus, they were slain by Zeus and the other gods. When Prometheus gave the humans fire, Zeus became angry and created Pandora as a punishment, thus releasing the evils of mankind.


  1. The idea God to end on, the main man.

    We have all made it PHEW . . . :)

    1. ideal . . . .This silly keyboard is infected with Greek Gods angry that I cant spell.

  2. Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.


  3. I had a feeling Zeus would be your Z. Classic. Thank you for all these posts, I learned how little I knew about Greek Myth.

  4. Zeus is a perfect way to end the challenge! :)

  5. This has been a great challenge theme. I really love all your posts on Greek mythology. It's been wonderful.

  6. I had a feeling Zeus, the father of this all was coming up in the end. You've done an amazing job with this challenge Laura, sad it's over but I really really enjoyed it at the same time.

  7. Well done for making it to the end, Laura. Some really interesting posts.

  8. A great way to end the month. Congrats on finishing the challenge! :)

  9. Fascinating stuff. Loved reading them. Congrats on getting to the end!

  10. That was definitely a father-son relationship gone bad.

  11. Congrats on making it to the end. I never knew much about Greek mythology, so your theme was a learning experience.

  12. I love how Zeus is always portrayed as a jerk, but who knows...he could have been a nice guy, right? ;)

    Congrats on finishing A to Z in style :)

  13. Laura, I've nominated you for another award. Please visit my blog, www.dhdunne.blogspot.com to find out more.


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