IWSG - October

So this month's question is: When do you know your story is ready?

This isn't a brilliant question for me, because I've never finished a novel. I've been working on one for a good couple of years now, but because of my hectic work schedule it's still in the early stages.

Still, I've written plenty of short stories and pieces of flash fiction, and I suppose I know when one of my stories are ready when I can't do anything else to it to make it better. It's hard to explain; I just kind of know, and that's when it's done. However, there are plenty of pieces that I've thought were finished, then gone back to months later and done more work on. It's a difficult question!

So this month I'm quite insecure because I want to take part in three separate things (WEP's Halloween blog hop, Spooktoberfest and the IWSG anthology contest) and so far I haven't done much work on the stories I want to write. I've done a lot of planning for my story for the anthology contest, but that's it. I wanted to have so much more done at this point, but work has been crazy and the last thing you want to do after a 12 hour shift is sit down and write.

However, I'm cutting my hours down at work soon, so once that happens I'll be able to throw myself back into my writing. I'll have to work hard to finish these stories, but I'm determined to do it! I have this weekend off work, so I'm going to use it to get these stories sorted.


  1. Good luck getting those stories done. I'm sure once your work schedule is less hectic you will be able to devote the time you need to them and end up with three great entries!

  2. Baby steps! It's easy to feel overwhelmed, but we can get far even by committing to a page or two each day.

  3. Good luck with those stories! You can do it! I have a lot of writing to do this month, too. I meant to be further along with my projects by now, but life hasn't made that easy.

  4. Sometimes we just know.
    We shortened the length of the stories for the anthology so hope that helps.

  5. Laura we know you are trying hard to find writing time and support you all the way. All the best.

  6. I know you've been working long hours for a while now. Would really like to see you get a story in for IWSG anthology. The last one was a big success.

  7. Good luck getting your ducks in a row. I'm amazed you have any energy left for writing when you've been working long hours.

  8. Wow, twelve hour days, that's rough. Life is too short for that kind of exhaustion. Hang in there, and good luck with your stories!


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