Goals for February

Part of my new motivation for blogging means that I'll be doing monthly goal posts again. Here's hoping I stick to it this time! 

Here are my goals for February:

- House hunt - unfortunately on Saturday we found out that we're being evicted; we have to find somewhere new and move out by the 2nd of April. I never wanted to stay in this house long term, but I'm still shocked and a little upset that we have to move out so soon. We're going to try to find somewhere cheaper to rent so that we can start saving to buy our own house. 

- Read 4 books - I'm on track with my goodreads challenge to read 50 books this year, and I want it to stay that way. 4 books a month seems like a good way to complete the challenge. 

- Participate in WEP - There's a Valentine's challenge on the 17th February, and I'd love to take part. I missed the December one, so I don't want to miss another! 

That's it for February's goals; I'm starting off small! 


  1. I've no doubt you'll reach every one!

  2. I would be shocked and upset by the eviction, too. If I'm moving, I much rather it be my idea to do so.

    Best of luck reaching all your goals this month!

  3. That's tough news about the eviction. I hope it all works out for you. Your dream house is probably just around the corner. If you can concentrate on anything else with this going on, count it as a win.

  4. Finding a cheaper place is a good idea but that isn't much notice time. I've been reading about two books per week for the last year but I never set goals about reading. I need to do less, not more.

  5. Sorry you're being evicted. Hope you find an even better place.

  6. So sorry about the quick eviction. Reading is important so good for you.

  7. Being evicted is rough. I remember one year we found out we had a month to move because the house we were living in was being sold. We found this out on my birthday too. No fun. I hope you find a good place soon!


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