Goals for September

OK, so it's been ages since I did a proper monthly goals post, and even longer since I actually achieved all of the goals I set myself. Therefore, I've set myself tiny goals this month, with the hope that it'll be easier to achieve them. 

Here are my goals for this month:

- Read two books - ever since my mammoth readathon in Greece (7 books in 7 days, not bad at all) I haven't finished a single book. I think it's partly due to the fact that I'm not really into the book I'm currently reading, and partly because I've been so busy at work. So I've set myself a small reading goal for this month - just two books. 

- Edit one chapter of my WIP - I haven't touched it since Camp NaNo in August, again because of being busy at work, but I'm determined to get writing again. Just one chapter, for now. 

- Be more involved in the Blogosphere - I haven't sat down and read through all of your blogs in such a long time, and I really miss it! Work should start to quieten down next week, so I'm determined to get back to blogging. 

- Buy a bookcase - I've lived here since December now, and we're still lacking essential things like bookcases! I have nowhere to store my many books (they're still at my mum's house, and I miss them!) so I'm going to aim to buy one thing a month for my house, to make it more like a home. The first thing is a bookcase, because I'm fed up of not having a place for my books.

Wish me luck! 


  1. Realistic goals are much easier to manage, but I'm sure you'll surprise yourself and accomplish so much more. Love shopping for bookcases, second hand shops are my favorite, no having to put it together and you always find real wood! Wishing you all the best with your goals and your shopping!
    I'd miss my books too, they make my home - HOME!

  2. You are missed Miss Laura from the world of cyberspace, but there are many important things we all need to do and you are young so cant sit about wasting time like old grumpy chaps such as myself. I hope all is going well and you are happy as well as busy.

  3. I fell really behind on the blogs I read this summer and I still feel like I'm playing catch up. Don't worry, take your time. Blogging (and the blogosphere) is meant to be fun. We'll still be here when you're caught up. :-)

  4. My motto is, "Life is too short to read bad books!" If you're not into it, that's probably a sign it isn't going to get better. But I know that feeling all too well.


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