Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop now hosted by Lexa Cain. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week, no matter how small.

This week I'm celebrating: 

- Winter is coming...Over the last week it's gotten quite chilly here in England, and I'm happy about that; I've always loved winter, it's my favourite season, and I can't wait for it to arrive. 

- I made a Victoria Sponge yesterday, and it tastes divine. I got an unexpected early finish from work so I decided to use the time to bake something, and I'm glad I did. 

- I got some good feedback for my WEP entry, and I won a $5 gift voucher for Amazon!


  1. It's been a lovely week and finishing it off with a Victoria Sponge sounds heavenly! May your weekend be filled with joy!

  2. Then I guess a Victoria Sponge is not a bath sponge?
    Winter is my favorite season.

  3. Ha, ha, here's another interesting-sounding dessert. Wallcat at My Inner Geek is always posting about desserts I've never heard of. I guess I need to read up on English desserts. :) Congrats on winning the voucher and getting good feedback! Have a great weekend!

  4. I do like a slice of a well made Victoria Sponge. . . . Winter will indeed to upon as soon and it is already starting to get dark in the evening.

  5. Gift vouchers are always fun! So is baking. Have a great weekend!

  6. Congrats to the feedback and the win! I thought we were cooling down for winter, but then the weather decided to reach 30 + degrees this week again.

  7. Congrats on winning a prize in the WEP contest! Yay for the lovely cake. Winter, winter, winter!!! It can't come soon enough for me either. I have so much more energy and feel happier in the winter. Have a lovely weekend! :)


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