Goals for October

Once again, I didn't have a brilliant month in September, goals-wise. I only met one of the three goals that I set myself - I'm not too disappointed, though, because I was working a lot of hours.

These were my goals for September:

- Write a short story for Write-Edit-Publish - I was so sure that I would be able to do this last month, but once again time ran away from me.

- Read 3 books - It's a good thing I aimed low, because 3 was the exact number of books that I got read this month. I'm glad I can say I met one of my goals, at least.

- Work on NaNo edits - Once again, I just didn't get the time. I've started to find my balance a little now, so I should get to them fairly soon. 

Here are my goals for October: 

- Read 3 books - I've got a few books on my to-read pile, it's just finding the time to read them! I'm aiming low again, since I don't think I'll get time to read much. 

- Take part in the four blogfests I've signed up for - It's October, and you know what that means; Halloween! There are four blogfests that have caught my eye lately, all happening around Halloween. I love writing Halloween related stories, so I'll be taking part in all of them. 


  1. I thrive on setting goals. Good luck with yours!

  2. One is still better than nothing! :) And if you need, I have a Halloween blogfest too, but no one is really signed up. You're welcome to do it. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  3. Ah yes Halloween I should write a story again this year. . . . Good Luck with those Blogfests Miss Laura.

  4. You tried your best and that counts. Good luck this month's goals.

  5. I like to set goals, but try not to get too disappointed when life gets in the way. My goal for today was to finish editing my ms--and for some dang reason I can't open any of my files. So now I have to wait for help....

  6. Three books a month is higher than what a lot of people do in my opinion, not low at all. Good luck on your other goals :) I like that you set only three major goals for each month, less goals means lesser stress and better quality of achievement.

  7. Good luck meeting your goals! I should really do this too... I used to, but I petered out on it. My new goal: setting goals.

  8. Four blogfests? That's incredible - good luck! We have a hard enough time posting with zero blogfests.

  9. Good job working on your goals, Laura. You will achieve a great deal. You might surprise yourself.
    Best wishes, as always.

  10. Let the season of blogfests commence! I think you have to look at this from the perspective of "Wow, I met one of my goals. Total win. I bet I can meet two next month." =)

  11. Best wishes on working towards your goals! That's great! You're work ethic always inspires me. :)


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