Goals for September

I realise we're already a good way through September, but I thought I'd better post my monthly goals all the same! I didn't complete as many of my August goals as I would have liked, but I had a busy month what with starting my new role at work, so I can forgive myself for that.

These were my goals for August:

- Write a short story for Kyra Lennon's cat anthology - Done! I didn't get to edit it as much as I would have liked, but it turned out OK and I got it up on my blog in time.

- Write a short story for Write-Edit-Publish - My inspiration totally went out of the window for this one. I had so many ideas for it, but I just couldn't get them down on paper right, so I gave up in the end.

- Read 6 books
- I haven't picked a book up since I started my new role at work - when you come home from an 11 hour shift, reading is the last thing on your mind.

- Pick up where I left off with my NaNo edits - Again, I've been too busy at work to look at these. I will get to them, though! 

One goal out of four - not too bad, I suppose! I should be glad I got anything done this month, with how busy I've been. 

Here are my goals for September: 

- Write a short story for Write-Edit-Publish - I will do this! I've been meaning to take part for the last three months, so I definitely will this month! 

- Read 3 books - I'm aiming low in the hopes that I'll exceed my expectations! 

- Work on NaNo edits - Again, something I've been meaning to do for a while, and I really want to get back into the story again. 


  1. Hi Laura!! No doubt it would be hard to read after an 11-hr shift. I hope you have a wonderful September!!

  2. I'm sure Kyra appreciated your contribution. Now, nail those September goals.

  3. I missed getting the cat anthology done so good for you for completing your submission. Do your best and you will get as much accomplished as you can. Good luck.

  4. Great start on your goals, Laura. You'll be able to celebrate when they're all done.


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