August Book Round-up

Once again, I only got 4 books read out of the 6 I wanted to read. I thought I'd be able to squeeze the last two in, but then I started my new position at work and I've been working 11 hour days - not much time for reading!

Here's what I did manage to read in August:

A great read, just like the first in the series. Can't wait to read the next one, but it'll have to wait until payday! 

I enjoyed this one more than Cinder, and that's saying something. I can't wait to read Cress. 

This book was OK - not particularly good, but not so bad that I had to stop reading it. 

I loved this book - Cat Clarke is one of my favourite authors, and she didn't disappoint with this one. It's kind of uncomfortable to read, but in a good way. 

Here's what I'm hoping to read in September: 

Hopefully I'll get more time to read in September, but judging by the last week that's unlikely!


  1. Want to see the textbooks I need? No? I didn't think so.

  2. I think I also need to look for this books in the book store. :)


  3. A lot of familiar covers there. I'm obsessed with Laini Taylor. She can write no wrong in my eyes!! Ha.

  4. There are several there on my TBR list - not sure when I will get to them!
    Happy September reading.

  5. No No No . . . Write Write Write . . . . . . . No pressure Miss Laura those are longs days you are working, but as they said in a well know book Writing Good Reading Bad.

  6. Looks like a lot of good choices. I'm getting started on The Strain series... eager to check that one out after enjoying the TV series.

  7. I really liked The One, though it wasn't as good as I hoped. You've got some good ones on your list! :)


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