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The Express Yourself meme is co-hosted by Dani and Jackie. Each week bloggers answer a different question, so they can get to know each other better.

This week questions is: Which book/movie do you wish you lived in?

OK, so I'm going to go with the obvious answer: Harry Potter. Let's face it, most of the people who read the books wished for that magical letter inviting them to Hogwarts. The feasts alone are enough to entice me; all that lovely food to choose from, without having to cook anything yourself! And then actually learning the magic; I'm fairly certain I would have gotten much better grades at Hogwarts than I did at school.
My favourite lessons probably would have been Charms and Transfiguration. I think I would have quite enjoyed potions, too. 


  1. Harry Potter is a huge yes! The feasts are a nice advantage too.

  2. I think almost everyone wants to live there.

  3. I'm the same here Laura, I'd have loved to have lived during Harry Potter, I'm not sure if I'd have enjoyed Transformation, seems like the sort of thing I'd suck at, I reckon I'd learn a lot in Charms though, that's where some of the most useful spells come from. History of Magic would be pretty dull though haha which is odd because comparatively I find History an interesting subject in the muggle world!

  4. I am happy living inside my own diary. . . . .

  5. Yeah, I'd go with this one too. Fun choice!

  6. I would've loved to have attended Hogwarts. So many fun things to learn!


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