December Goals!

I managed to get my car going yesterday, which I'm incredibly happy about; I thought I'd have to get it taken in and repaired. It's been fine since yesterday morning, so hopefully it'll hold out until it's due a service in January. 
Anyway, my December goal post is a little late, but better late than never!

Here were my goals for November, and how I got on with them:

1. Do my first assignment well – I managed to finish my first assignment, and I got the results back the other day. I got a 68, which I’m incredibly proud of because it’s a better mark than I got for the majority of my assignments during my undergraduate course! I’m a little foggy on the difference between the undergraduate grading system and the Masters one, but I think a 68 is a Merit, which is fine by me! Hopefully I’ll do just as well or better in the rest of my assignments.

2. Work on my Portfolio – I’ve done a fair bit of work on my portfolio this month, and I’ve realised that I have a lot of things I can put in it, so I’m fairly confident about it. We also got told the other day that we’ve got an extra week to do it in as the deadline’s been pushed back, so that’s good news!

3. Finish A Casual Vacancy – I just finished this morning! I know that doesn't technically count as done in November, but at least my goal is accomplished! I should be putting a review of it up soon :)

4. Bruges Christmas Market – I had a really good time at Bruges Christmas Market, which I’ll tell you about and post pictures in a post soon!

My goals for December are:

1. Do my Christmas shopping! – I’ve left my Christmas shopping incredibly late this year, so I’m rushing a little! I managed to do a big portion of it online on Sunday night, but there’s still more I need to get. I’ll get more time after my last session at uni tomorrow, I hope!

2. Symposium – the last session of uni this year involves reading out 10 minutes worth of my writing to my class, and I hate reading my stuff out! It’s bad enough reading for a couple of minutes, 10 is going to be horrible! So one of my goals is to get through that with no problems. As usual, I've left the actual writing until last minute, so that's how I'll be spending this afternoon!

3. Portfolio – my portfolio is coming along nicely, but it still needs a lot more work, so this is what I’ll be spending most of my Christmas holidays doing.

4. Get back on top of my blog posts – obviously I’ve been a very bad blogger over the past couple of weeks, so I need to get back into my blogging routine! I have a lot of plans for blog posts, so it shouldn't be too hard. I think I have four posts planned just for this week!

5. Have a good Christmas! - the most obvious goal for December! :)


  1. Hope you get a good break over Christmas and all goes to plan. I am off with my mate visiting several million chimney pots, he has this really cool looking flying sleigh pulled along by reindeer..... I just wish he would stop going Ho Ho Ho all the time it is very annoying.

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun, I've heard of someone who likes to do that over winter, can't quite remember who it is though...I hope your friend is quite thin, some chimney pots are tiny these days! Wouldn't want him to get stuck.

  2. I need to finish my Christmas shopping, too. I'm only half finished.
    Can't wait to read your other posts that you have planned for this week! :D

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, everyone I know seems to have finished their Christmas shopping!
      Thanks, I'll make sure I post them all! It'll make up for being absent the last couple of weeks! :)

  3. Good luck with your December goals. As for reading aloud for 10 minutes, as unpleasant as it sounds, I'm sure you'll get it done. I had to do a 40 minute long solo presentation in a philosophy class once, though my presentation was about the philosophy of writing, so at least it was a subject I cared deeply about. Nerve wracking though it was, the presentation went better than I thought it would!

    Most of all, good luck with Goal #5! That is an important goal indeed!

    1. Thanks! A 40 minute presentation, ouch! The longest presentation I've had to do was 20 minutes, and that was bad enough! I don't mind reading in front of people, it's just I tend to get tongue-tied and stumble over words!

  4. Well done on the amazing job with the university work Laura, now you just need to keep going now, you're doing great as it is, awesome goals post as usual, wish I had your drive and motivation.

  5. Sounds Awesome! Keep up the good work and have fun getting ready for Christmas))

  6. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a Casual Vacancy. Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff going on. Good luck with your portfolio and reaching all your goals!!

  7. I am really looking forward to your review of The Casual Vacancy. I still have it lying around, with the intention to read it (still haven't finished Life of Pi)!

  8. Poor Casual Vacancy is at the bottom of my "to read" list atm! I can't wait to read about your Bruges trip as I would love to go there someday. And congrats on your uni mark, and good luck with your 10min reading! I'm sure you'll be grand :)


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