Goals for July

I didn't post my goals for June up, as I knew I'd be busy with last minute wedding planning; it's been a busy month!

Here are my goals for July:

- Write 50,000 words for Camp NaNo! - So this is my huge goal for this month, I'm doing OK so far, which is good as I've had a busy weekend. I'll be posting weekly updates so you can all see how I'm getting on.

- 2 blog posts a week - This should be an easy one, purely because I'll be posting a NaNo update every week alongside my usual Celebrate post on a Friday. 

- Regularly visit other blogs - This is where I'm not doing great with blogging at the moment. It's easy putting blog posts up, what's harder is actually visiting other blogs regularly. In my eyes there's no point having a blog if I'm not going to read other people's. I'm determined to get back into the habit of checking my feed daily!


  1. Best of luck to you with all your goals. I'm NaNo-ing this month, too, and I've gotten off to a decent start, but I worry about maintaining that pace.

  2. Good luck with Camp NaNo, glad you're off to a great start! It's about pacing yourself and getting in a rhythm, I've found.

  3. Good luck with Camp NaNo! I've been rubbish with my blog and blog visiting recently. I'm hoping to get back on it this month :-)


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