Goals for May

So I didn't set any goals for April because of the A to Z Challenge, which I didn't see through to the end anyway, so April wasn't a great month for goals! However, I did put an entry up for WEP, and I got the encouragement award for it, which is just fantastic.

That said, I'm hoping I do a lot better with my May goals, which are as follows:

- Put up two blog posts a week - So I've been setting myself this goal every month, and I don't think there's been a month where I've actually achieved it yet. Pretty much my only regular post is my Friday "Celebrate the Small Things" post, which isn't great. I need to add some variety!

- Read 4 books - Even though I have so much more time for reading, I'm still not getting many books read. I'm 2 books behind on my Goodreads target, which I can easily catch up on if I really try.

- Story planning - I finished my main outline for my novel last weekend, but I've come to a standstill on characters - every time I sit down to do some character planning, I get distracted. I'm hoping to use Camp NaNo in July to write the novel, so I wanted to do as much planning as I could before then.


  1. Hope Camp NaNo gets you over the character hump.

  2. Hang in there Miss Laura. . . . Characters I can help . . . . . . Have you considered a one eyed paranoid Astronaut with a secret drink problem and who has become petrified of small spaces an heights. And has now been disowned by his own family after his outburst on the International Space Station while talking directly to the President of the USA. . . . . . He also has a pet dog called Shakespeare that is not house trained so folk dont visit as much as they used too.

    Take care

  3. Hi Laura - good luck with your continued goals ... it's good to be involved and active ... and joining in as and when you can ... take care that's the important bit - cheers Hilary


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