Goals for November

So I only had three goals for October, and here's what they were:

- Write a story for WEP
- Write an entry for Spooktoberfest
- Write an entry for the IWSG anthology contest

I had a much better month in October than I did in November! I did all my planning and even an outline for my IWSG story, I just ran out of time to write it! It's a shame, but I'm still glad that I managed to get the other two stories written and up on my blog. 

Here are my goals for November:

- Read 4 books - I'm getting behind in my Goodreads challenge, and I can't let that happen - I'm only 11 books away from completing it! Since my hours at work have now dropped down (from 50+ to 32!) I should get plenty of reading time. I've also started taking my book to work and reading on my breaks, so I should definitely get there. 

- Write the IWSG story - Even though I'm too late to participate, I still want to write my story. It's a prequel to the novel that I'm working on, showing the villain's backstory, so I'm looking forward to writing it. It should help me with the novel. 

- Spend half an hour a day blogging - I definitely have the time to do this now, so there's no excuse if I don't! I've been putting a lot of blog posts up lately, but haven't been visiting nearly as many blogs as I'd like. That will change this month! 

Wish me luck! Do you have any goals this month?


  1. Sorry you didn't write the story in time but that's cool you're going to write it anyway. Prequels are always good.

  2. Good luck writing that story! It may be too late for the contest, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be written. I hope you have a great and productive November!

  3. Well done with your October goals and good luck with the November ones. I especially like the blogging target. :-)

  4. I missed the deadline as well for IWSG Anthology Contest. I'll write mine in December since I'm doing Nanowrimo right now. Glad you got two out of three goals in October and all the best this month.

  5. Two out of three is a great result! Good that you're still going to finish the IWSG story. Prequels are good for finding out more about your world.

  6. See that? You're totally getting back on track. A little at a time. Train that brain and gain some traction. You're doing better than you think.


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