Goals for November

Another busy month, work-wise, so I didn't quite manage to achieve all of my goals, again!

These were my goals for October:

- Read 3 books - This one I managed, just!

- Take part in the four blogfests I've signed up for - I half achieved this one. I took part in two of the blogfests, but not the other two because I ran out of time to write the stories. Hopefully I'll get more writing done this month. 

Here are my goals for November: 

- Read 3 books - I should manage this without too much trouble. I love to read too much not to! 

- Start Christmas shopping - I really need to start, I haven't bought any presents yet. I do have plans for presents though, which is good! 

- Resume work on last years NaNo edits - I've missed writing, and I'm determined to start writing regularly again. 


  1. Christmas shopping. I need to start that as well.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I've started a small bit of Christmas shopping. With my kids being older now, it doesn't take a lot of planning ahead of time.
    Good luck with those goals.

  3. There's one more pay day before Christmas - need to get a wiggle on. Good luck with your targets.

  4. I like that you're working on last year's NaNo edits rather than jumping into a brand new NaNo. That's smart thinking. Good luck!

  5. Indeed not long until Christmas Miss Laura. . . . . .

  6. My only goals are completing two Nano Projects, work on The Missing Girls website for my verse novella series, keep up with my freelance work and do the happy dance when my tablet arrives. Lofty huh? Best of luck with your own goals Laura especially with rewriting/editing.

  7. November is the month for writing :) Good luck Laura.

  8. Good luck reaching your goals! I'm sure you can do it. Don't even talk about Christmas shopping. Isn't it still July or something? No? It should be!

  9. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping. I should probably start that.


  10. Good luck with your Christmas shopping! I was determined to be organised this year and I've nearly finished all my main gifts but I'm saving some of it for when all the shops have got their Christmas music and decorations in. I love the atmosphere in the run up to Christmas.

  11. Atleast you read one book!

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