Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop hosted by Viklit over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week.

This week I'm celebrating: 

- I went to see The Fault in Our Stars on Sunday, and it was amazing! I cried buckets, of course, but it was such a good film and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want. It also made me really want to re-read the book. 

- I spent a good two days with my boyfriend this week (more time than we usually get together) and we had a great time. We went shopping and out for a meal; it was nice doing something other than staying in and watching TV. 

- Camp NaNo started this week! 

- I joined a new gym on Saturday, and I love it! It's much better than my old gym, and I think I'll definitely go more regularly because of that. 


  1. You need a gym you'll actually visit on a regular basis.
    Have a great weekend, Laura!

  2. My daughter loved that movie but I couldn't bring myself to watch it. Too close to home. Have a happy 4th.

  3. Congrats on the new gym! My gym is sort-of old and dumpy in comparison to the others of the same chain around here but for me distance trumps everything else. Plus mine has an indoor track which most of the others don't and since I've been using that more than anything else lately I'm staying put! Happy Friday!

  4. Sadly missed Fault in Our Stars and I'm in Camp too! Good luck and enjoy your boyfriend fun and the fourth of July.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up. I wondered how the movie turned out! I'll have to see it when I'm in the mood for a tear-jerker. Good luck with Camp Nano!

  6. Congrats on the new gym! That's great that you were able to have some time with your boyfriend too.
    Go, Camp NaNo!!! (I'm signed up too - just look up Tyreantigger

  7. Only 2 days with your boyfriend? I remember cherishing the small amount of time I'd get with my husband when we were dating long distance. So happy that the long distance thing didn't last forever...I don't think I could have done it much longer! Good luck with your new gym...it's always nice finding someplace that you feel comfortable. Happy weekend!

  8. Congratulations on all of your good things to celebrate this week, Laura! So glad you had more time to relax and have fun.

  9. It sounds like you had a great week!

  10. Glad you had some time out. Does wonders for the soul ;) Good luck with NaNo!

  11. Sounds like a great celebration week!!! Have fun with NaNo! I was participating but didn't take into account the way that having house guests for a week would affect my work rate.


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