Goals for March

OK, so I didn't do much better in February than I did in January, but I'm hopeful for March!

These were my February goals:

- Get started on revisions - I finished the read-through of my NaNo novel, and I finished writing a revised outline for it. It's not what I had hoped to get done, but it's better than nothing.

- Read 6 books - Major fail on this one, I only read two books this month.

- Write more - Another failure - the only writing I did was for blog posts and the revised outline for my novel. 

I don't feel too bad about not achieving these goals, because I've been super tired this month from work. Now that I have my new hours I should be able to catch up on reading and writing. 

That said, here are my goals for March:

- Research for and schedule all of my posts for the A to Z challenge - in my opinion it's much easier to schedule posts for the challenge in advance rather than write them on the day. 

- Read 6 books - I'm determined to do it this month. With my new work hours I get more reading time, and I have plenty of books in my to-read pile to keep me going, so I should get it done. 

- Revise first three chapters of NaNo novel - I'll be spending most of the month working on my A to Z posts, so I don't want to set my sights too high. 

- Have a great birthday - it's my birthday on the 13th, and I've booked a week off work (my first break since September!) so I'm very excited. My boyfriend is taking me to York for two days, which should be fun. 


  1. Enjoy your birthday week! And smart to get the Challenge posts done early.

  2. Have a great birthday and enjoy the trip to York.

  3. Enjoy the Birthday. . . . .

    I have written all the A to Z's, they all rhyme as planned and have drawn Zombies up to the letter F so I hope to have one for each letter of the alphabet on time. . . . . and have visited about 150 of the blogs . . . . I am as they say a goody two shoes . . . . (so far)

  4. Well, at least you are stating your goals. That is the first step. It's good you have a plan.

    Best of luck on reaching your goals!


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