Goals for April

Here's how I did on my March goals:

- Start edits on first draft - I really enjoyed working on my novel, far more than I thought I would back when I read it. I've managed to put all my scenes in order, and re-write my scene list, including additional scenes I needed to make the story flow better. Next stop, rewrites!

- 2 x blog posts a week - I still haven't managed to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. I've been mostly focusing on my novel this month; once again I'm guilty of giving myself too many goals. 

- Visit other blogs twice a week - Same as above.

- Visit the gym at least once a week - I haven't been feeling great lately, and just found out why last week. It's nothing serious, but it explains why I've been so tired over the last few months. Anyway, because of this I haven't been going to the gym regularly, but that will change from this week.

- Write a meal plan every Sunday - I've succeeded in writing a meal plan for every week this month, and, more importantly, I've been sticking to it. It makes such a big difference, it's worth taking the time out to do.

- Read/listen to 3 books -

3 out of 6 goals achieved isn't too bad, considering how many things I've had going on this month!

Here are my goals for April:

- Read/listen to 3 books

- Start rewrites

- Blog at least once a week

- Visit the gym once a week

- Continue with meal plan

What are your goals for April?


  1. Good stuff on the meal planning.
    Glad they figured out why you were so tired. Hope you're feeling yourself again soon and up to hitting the gym.

  2. It's great that you've enjoyed working on your novel. May that feeling continue through your rewrites!

    Best of luck with your April goals, and I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Hi Laura. I think rewriting is the fun part. I find the first draft soooo hard. Good luck with your April goals.


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