WEP August - Reunions

OK guys, this month's theme is Reunions. I've gone for something a little different this month; Poetry! I haven't written a poem in about 3 years, so I'm a little rusty; hope you enjoy it anyway.


Sun shines through the blinds,
Eyes close
Against the glare,
The pain.
The smell of sickness
Barely there
Under a heavy layer
Of disinfectant.
Stiff bed clothes rustle
With every movement,
Scraping her sore,
Sensitive skin.
Machines beep incessantly,
Attached to her wrists,
Her chest, her failing body,
Each beep bringing her
Closer to the end.

A gentle breeze caresses,
Taking away tiredness
And pain.
The smell of summer,
Flowers and soil and
The trickle of water.
Eyes open again;
A clear, starry sky,
Trees touching the heavens
Rustle in the breeze,
A small stream
Wends its way through
The flowers and plants,
A riot of colour
As though lifting a shroud.

Pale walls reappear,
And pain, so much pain,
Bone deep,
And so tired.
Faceless people crowd around,
Tears dripping, sniffing,
Whispering quietly, hushed.
Pain intensifies,
Eyes flicker closed
As she embraces the darkness.

Flowers, stars, streams return,
That wonderful feeling
Of peace.
Sound behind;
She turns,
Light as a feather,
To see her love,
Separated from her
Many years ago,
Lost for a time.
He steps forward,
Hands outstretched.
She takes his hand
Without a thought;
Pain disappears,
And she’s whole again,
Content, at peace.

Word count: 199
Constructive criticism appreciated!


  1. Poignant and beautiful. Her reunion with her lost love means a separation and dislocation for others... Life (and death) is like that.

  2. This is beautiful and so touching. I admire your poetry skills - I've never written a poem before. Great work!

  3. Touching and reminds me of watching my MIL as her age crept towards 100. She made it to 99 but I'm sure she felt the same way as the woman in your poem crossing over,s as her husband and all her sibling had gone before. You selected the perfect words, so the result was great.

  4. Sometimes, relief could only be found in death. And what a beautiful death: a reunion with someone she loved.

  5. Hi Laura - well done on writing a poem for the Reunions WEP - clever and I'm sure so true for so many as they pass on ... lovely - poignant words, so sad as the pain has to be gone through ... cheers Hilary

  6. Death sure can be the ultimate relief sometimes as age leaves many of us in pain. Great poem indeed.

  7. A reunion of two hearts. You have painted a good picture of her pain and of her holding on. Then when she lets go he find peace. For your first time in three years, you have done an excellent job.
    Shalom aleichem,

  8. Sad and poignant, but also joyful. Death can be a welcome relief sometimes. Nicely done. Great to have another poetry post!

  9. I liked the progression in your poem. It moved from pain and suffering to relief and peace. Great contribution to the theme.

  10. I admit to not being a real fan of poetry, but this one was wonderful. Having lost my husband to cancer in 2004, it brought back memories of staying beside him in the hospital room till the end. Thank you for the memory!

  11. Hi Laura. What a wonderfully poignant poem full of a progression towards the next life and a reunion with a loved one...sort of like my flash fiction. That's a great way to express reunion. I'm so glad you tried your hand at poetry again. This month there is a dearth. I'm not a poet, so I can't offer any full critique, except to say you've used well-chosen, apt vocabulary which says what you want it to say.

    Thanks for writing for WEP, Laura. Always a delight to see your take on the post.

    Denise :-)

  12. Lovely! Some reunions come at a great price, but only for those left behind!

  13. Very poignant and touching, a feeling of release and reunion with love and beauty.

  14. Lovely. Such a beautiful transition into the ever after.

  15. A very settling poem for those who wish to read about the comfort of death. Which, sometimes, is exactly what one needs.

    Great job. <3


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