WEP - April, Love and Peace

OK, so I've really struggled with this theme. It's very much a "happy" theme, and I'm not a "happy" writer - I'm trying not to think too much about what this means about me! Anyway, I almost gave up, but I was determined to put something up, so here it is.

Peace and Love

If you could give your life to create peace, would you do it?

I look at my friends around me. He was standing to my right, the usual calm, almost bored expression on his face. I was one of the only ones who could see through the mask. He knew we wouldn’t make it through this, and yet he stayed by my side, ready to fight to the death. She was on my other side, as always, that fierce look on her face. She never did know when to back down, just like me. I suppose we were a good match.

I guess I’ll never find out for sure.

I step forward, towards the approaching army. The leader sees my movement, and smiles, curious. He’s not worried.

He should be.

I take another step forward. My friends move with me, but I gesture for them to stay back. Confusion and uncertainty breaks through their cool facades.

“I love you guys,” I say. They’ll never know how much.

That’s all it comes down to, in the end. Peace and love, love and peace. A tear rolls down my cheek, but I suppose I should think myself lucky. I shouldn’t exist in the first place; it’s the least I can do to give my life to create peace for others. Maybe it'll also bring peace for me; you can't doubt your existence if you don't exist.

It doesn’t make what I have to do any easier. I take one more step, one more breath.

I suppose the real question is, if you could give your life to create peace, why would you not?

I let go.

277 words


  1. To give her life for her friends. A real question that we all need to ponder over.
    Thank you for a thoughtful flash.
    Shalom aleichem,

  2. Miss Laura writing is a fickle game at the best of times, you are young and have a whole lifetime to master its ways and write interesting things. I mean I still battle away with my humble little blog even though I am an old loony who has lost the plot (no pun intended), can't type or spell and writes stuff that most of the time folk dont entirely understand and think it is all Mad (OK some of it is a bit mad). I am a happy writer but I do try and avoid happy endings although I avoid sad ending too. Actually ending as a bit of a pest. . . .

    Keep on Writing . . . . .HANG ON which letter of the A to Z is this . . . . is it Z if so that is cheating.

  3. This resonated powerfully with me. Someone who takes responsibility, and pays the price - rather than expecting others to do so...

  4. Oh, the real hero. Self-sacrifice is such a tempting topic for a writer... until you start thinking what it entails. How do they feel, those heroes? What goes through their minds in the last moments, without hope. You pulled it off beautifully, you really did.

  5. For someone who struggled with the prompt, you did a beautiful job. And yes, in a heart beat, I would. Death is a journey and this life and how we live it determines the next. That sacrifice would definitely be rewarded.
    Well done!

  6. Hey Laura. The prompt wasn't a 'happy' prompt. We picked out the line--'Despair and hope may meet within one heart' as a suggested variant on the theme which was inspired by the poem we put up on WEP which was not a 'happy' poem, but a hopeful one. There's always hope remaining when all else is gone.

    You've taken the prompt to a great place which encapsulates the despair and hope within the heart of the hero and you've done it in a very moving, courageous way which resonates in the comments. Your story spoke to us.

    Thank you. This prompt has brought out some interesting stories, a bit different from the usual.

    And remember, Laura, with WEP, it's all about the writer in you. You can take it wherever you like in whichever way you like. And you've done that. Thank you.

    Denise :-)

  7. That's a good question. If you could give your life for peace, would you? I don't think many would. Peace is so elusive, isn't it? Held close by young mother's and lost in a moment by greedy people who grasp at life's treasure as if they could hold onto them for eternity.

  8. You did great with this! If you hadn't said as much, I never would have known this prompt was difficult for you. Well done!

  9. Nice. What a question to ask, a sacrifice to make. That is real courage.

  10. Such bravery, the most selfless act of all.

  11. True grit and courage, genuine hero. Brilliant job. In such a tight word count too. I wouldn't have had a clue about it being a difficult write for you, it feels quite effortless.

  12. Sometimes we never truly know until we are faced with that situation. Peace in non-existing is a tough one indeed.

  13. How many sacraficed people had a thought like that before stepping into a volcano or whatever? Not that it's the only way, that's just the first question I thought of. Great work with your story.

  14. Congratulations, Laura, and thank you for such a beautiful piece of writing.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

  15. A touching tale. Congrats on your award.

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