Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop now hosted by Lexa Cain. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week, no matter how small.

This week I'm celebrating:

- I'm off to Greece tomorrow! I'm there for two weeks and have a whopping 19 days off work, so I'm pretty happy right now! I've scheduled a couple of posts to go up while I'm away, because I don't want the fact that I'm away to stop me from blogging for ages again. 

So, I'll be back in a couple of weeks! 


  1. Enjoy your holiday and glad to see you continue to blog Laura.

  2. It sounds so exciting! Have a wonderful time and bring back lots of pics to share with us!!

  3. Hope you're having a fantastic time!!

  4. Have fun. Hope your trip is perfect! We'll be thinking of you.


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