What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow, and the idea is to let other bloggers know where you are with any writing and reading goals you may have.

It's broken down into four headings:

1. What I'm Reading

Still making my way through the Harry Potter series, I'm now on Order of the Phoenix. This is probably my 10th re-read of the series, and I'm still noticing things I haven't noticed before.

2. What I'm Writing (+ Writing Goal)

I haven't done much writing lately; I'm happy enough that I'm blogging again. I do miss writing though, and have plans to get back into it, even if I'm only writing a tiny bit. I need to go back to my NaNo novel and continue edits from that, and there are a couple of other projects I'd like to get to work on. My writing goal for this week is to write something, anything, in the next week, whether it's ideas, edits or a full blown story.

3. What Works for Me

Taking a break! The break was necessary, what with moving house and everything, but I've come back more inspired than ever. I can't wait to get writing again! The break definitely did me some good.

4. What Else I've Been Up To

I went to Centerparcs last week, which I loved, as usual. We've never been in January before, so it was a whole new experience. I also saw my friends from university on Saturday, who I haven't seen in at least a year. We've agreed to meet a lot more regularly, as we have so much fun together. 
I've also started going to the gym again; I hadn't been since August, when I got my promotion. It feels good to be working out again. 


  1. Writing anything is a good way to get back into the flow :)

    Sounds like you've been having loads of fun though, and enjoy the return to the gym ^_^

  2. Sometimes a break is needed!
    Keep hitting the gym.

  3. I keep meaning to do a re-read of the HP series. It seems like it's been forever since I last read it.

  4. I'm with you--getting started again is rough. Good luck this week! And good job working out--finding time to do both writing and exercise can be tough.

  5. I would love to re-read the HP series. It's been years since I read them in order. I think writing anything, especially when you really need a break, is a win. Good luck this week!

  6. It sounds like you're getting back to all sorts of good things - friends, gym, and writing! Best wishes with all!

  7. I really need to re-read the Harry Potter series sometimes. Well, I only actually read books 1-4, so I also have to finish it. lol

  8. Oh, Centerparcs. That's so much fun! I'm going at the end of January, and I can't wait. Good luck writing this week!

    My What's up Wednesday post.

  9. Breaks are great and often so needed. My problem is figuring out how long is too long or just right, you know? I've had such a hard time getting back into writing. It's fantastic that you're ready to go and excited about it. That right there is more than half the battle! Wishing you all the words this week, Laura! :D

  10. Taking a break can be just the thing to kick-start your writing inspiration. Have a great week! :)

  11. Centerparcs are fun; I'm a little jealous ;)
    And breaks are necessary. We can't write all of the time (although lots of writers insist that we do). Glad to hear you're excited about tackling words again soon...

  12. I took a break from writing last year because I changed jobs and went from a slow-paced environment to a pretty chaotic workplace. I noticed that I felt even more inspired after I came back from my break too!

  13. I have too many things going on to take a break from writing but the weather has been so bad I don't mind staying inside.

  14. Giving yourself a break is a good idea! Our brains need a little creative re-charge every now and then!

  15. Hello Miss Laura . . . . . . .

  16. That's one of the things that still strikes me when I reread the Harry Potter series. I'm still noticing things that I've not really noticed or paid attention to before. :-)


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