Celebrate the Small Things and Express Yourself

I thought I'd published my Express Yourself post yesterday, but Blogger must have been playing up, so I'm putting it in with my Celebrate the Small Things post. 

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly bloghop hosted by Viklit over at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The idea is to post anything you want to celebrate from the last week.

This week I'm celebrating:

- I got two character profiles done for my dissertation. This is nowhere near as many as I wanted to do - I have seven left to write and I was supposed to finish them today. However, I'm celebrating anyway because at least I've started them, and I'm certainly enjoying writing them. 

- Just four weeks until my holiday to Spain - I can't wait!

- Last week I told you I had to take both my cat and my kitten to the vet - after some eye drops for the kitten and antibiotics for the cat, they're both back to their usual bouncy selves. I'm a little low on money because of the vets bills, but it's worth it to know that they're both alright.

The Express Yourself meme is co-hosted by Dani and Jackie. Each week bloggers answer a different question, so they can get to know each other better.

This week's question is: What are some questions that you get asked time and time again?

- What’s wrong? What’s the matter? What’s up?

Jackie reminded me about this question. It's like people think that if you're not smiling you must be miserable. The other day at work this one guy was asking me every five minutes what was wrong, so in the end every time I saw him I gave him a big cheesy grin. He didn't ask again!

- You’re a very quiet person, aren’t you?

I got asked this the other day at work, too. I'm definitely a quiet person, though not as quiet as I used to be! I tend to walk around in my own world at work, so I can understand the question.

- How did you get your hair to grow so long? 

This was back before I cut all my hair off a couple of months ago. I’m determined to make people ask that again – I miss my long hair! I also get asked if I am a natural blonde, which I am.
Also, when I french braid my hair for work (not very often, you don't get a lot of time to do your hair when you get up at 3.30am) people ask me if I got my mum to do it for me. Of course not! That would be a little embarrassing at 23 years old. I taught myself how to do it a couple of years ago.

- Why can’t you just write a novel and get famous like the woman who wrote Harry Potter?

This is a question my dad likes to ask a lot. Like it’s that easy!


  1. Yay, you should celebrate it anyway, at least you got it started and are enjoying writing them! Glad the cat and kitten are all better ;)

    I don't do it often but I can french braid my own hair too :D

  2. Envious of your forthcoming holiday. I'm doing a 'staycation' again this year. I don't really mind because I hate flying, but I DO wish our British weather was more reliable.

  3. Wow! Lots to celebrate! Two down, Seven to go - lots of writing today!
    I'm glad your cat and kitten are all better, and that you get to go to Spain in four weeks. :)
    I used to be able to French braid my on hair too (it's little short for it now).
    And look up J.K. Rowling - seems like I remember something about it taking her several rounds of queries before she got published . . . and who knows what it is exactly that takes a book from published to famous? It would be nice if we could bottle that ingredient - wonder if Snape had a potion for it. :)

    Happy Writing!

  4. My natural expression isn't a smile either, so people think I'm mad or something.
    Glad your cats are doing better.
    Counting down the days until Spain? Or hours?

  5. It rarely seems we write as much as we should, but I'm happy you can celebrate getting going on your dissertation. Spain - I was supposed to go there on vacation the last time I was in Italy, but my Eurail pass was stolen, so I never made it. Enjoy it for the both of us! And so glad you kitties are much better. May your bank account be replenished soon!

  6. Tell him it's the readers fault you're not big yet. Congrats on starting your dissertation and Spain? Lucky girl!

  7. I ask myself that last question, but the answer is easy . . . . . .I am not a woman.

    You will make it if you keep faith, you are a jolly good writer.

  8. Yeah, that - "What's the matter? Why aren't you smiling?" - gets on my nerves, too! ugh.
    So cool that you're going to Spain! :)

  9. So glad the kitties are both better! That's great news. And I also get asked what's wrong all the time even though I don't think I'm frowning or looking sad. It's annoying!

    Your holiday sounds fantastic, how fun. :)

  10. That last question is a killer! That's why I don't tell people I write :)

    I hope you have a great time in Spain!

  11. Glad your kitties are feeling better and WOOOO not long to holidays! Spain how lovely.

  12. Good work on starting the character profiles. I really should get to my own, but there's so much blogging to catch up on ...

  13. Spain! I am excited for you, and jealous.


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