Goals for February

I had a pretty bad January - I spent most of it lying on the sofa reading or watching TV, waiting for my illness to pass. It seems to be gone now, though, I just hope it doesn't come back. There have been a couple of times when I thought it had gone, only for it to come back a couple of days later.

My January goals:

- Read my NaNo draft and start revisions - While I didn't get this done, I'm proud of the work I did do. I still haven't finished the first read-through, but I have a lot of notes on the chapters I have read. I'll be able to finish the read-through fairly quickly, then I can get started on the revisions.

- Read 6 books - I only managed to read 4 books this month. It was easier just to watch TV, so that's what I did most of the time.

- Join a gym - While I did join a gym, I only managed to go 3 times, because of my illness. However, that's 3 times more than I would have gone if I hadn't joined, so it's better than nothing.

- See The Hobbit! - It was so good! I really wanted to see it a second time, but never got around to it. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. 

Here's hoping I have a better month this month. Here are my February goals:

- Get started on revisions - I've nearly finished the read-through, so this should definitely happen. By the time March hits, I want to have done a lot of work on my novel.

- Read 6 books - Hopefully I'll have a little more energy to read this month. I have plenty of books waiting for me to read them, so I have plenty of motivation.

- Write more - I hardly did any writing in January - I hope to do much more this month. One of my new years resolutions is to write one short story a month, so I'll probably focus on that. 


  1. One short story - you can do it.
    Three trips to the gym is indeed better than none.
    And The Hobbit was awesome!

  2. Illness can zap our energy and our creativity but hopefully February will be more productive for you. As Alex says 3 trips to the gym seems pretty good to me and is better than none. Good luck with your short story writing.

  3. Sounds like you are starting to bounce back Miss Laura . . . . . . I guess you will also need to think about the A to Z a bit , maybe a short story A to Z combo.

  4. Hope you have a productive month! :)

  5. Good thing the year has 12 months in it! I'm just now getting to my goals for 2014.


  6. I'm sure you'll be catching up on things now that you're feeling better, Laura. Enjoy the weekend.


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