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Busy Monday and more Awards!

It's been a while since I posted, I was doing so well with my schedule, too! I did intend to post on Monday, but my sister came home for a couple of days so I was really busy hanging out with her. First of all I slept quite late on Monday, probably because of the hard few days at work I had last week. Me and Katie also went to our dad's for dinner on Monday, as we don't see him too often, so that was nice. Then we went shopping so that Mum didn't have to, and walked Alfie round the park as soon as we got home. We made spaghetti carbonara together (from scratch for the first time) and I showed her the first episode of something that I'm slightly obsessed with at the minute. Then I let her play on Diablo 3 on my computer, since she doesn't have it yet, then we watched a film with Mum when she got home at 10 o clock, and by the time we'd done that it was bedtime! A very busy day, so no time to write a blog post!
It turns out I've received a few more awards…

Sunny days, 100 followers and the Sunshine Award!

We've had some lovely sunny days here in England over the past week, which has been nice because I've been waiting for it for so long! It's been nice to be able to take Alfie on one of his really long walks to the woods, which we only do when the weather's nice (otherwise we take him to the park).  Also, I've reached 100 followers on my blog! Thank you to all of my new followers, and of course to the ones who have been following me from the start! Laura from Stranger Than Writing has given me the Sunshine Award! She has an awesome blog that I've only recently discovered, so you should go check it out! The rules of the award are: 1) Answer the ten questions below, 2) Add ten random facts about yourself, 3) Pass on the award to ten other bloggers. 
Onto the questions! By the way, as they're about writing and I've only just started, I won't be able to answer some of them properly, but I will do my best! :)
1. Panster or Plotter? Plotter. I like to hav…

2nd Annual Flash Fiction Blogfest!

So, in a moment of madness on Friday I entered the 2nd Annual Flash Fiction Blogfest, although I have very little writing experience. But I thought it would be a good way of getting some!

Here are the rules:
1. Entries must begin with the two words: Lightning flashed.
2. Entries must be 300 words or less and be in prose. I'm not versed enough in poetry verse to judge it properly.
3. Entries must be posted on your blog between May 21 - 23.
4. You must sign up in the linky to have your entry be counted.
If you want to join in, the host of the blogfest is located here: Cherie Reich's blog.

Here is my entry:

Lightning flashed across his face as he stood in the dark bedroom. The weather, which had been restless all night, had finally broken and rain spattered the windows.  He looked out into the dark street, drinking in all of the details; the overflowing wheelbarrow in the front garden, the battered Fiesta in the driveway, the flickering orange street lamp. Things he usually cared …

Decorating and Dunelm Mill

For the past couple of weeks, my mum and I have been decorating my bedroom. Taking wallpaper off must be one of the hardest, most boring parts of decorating. The stuff just does not want to come off the wall! You think you've got a nice big bit that'll tear a huge strip off the wall, but it just peels away the tiniest little bit! And we can't start to wallpaper until the old wallpaper is taken down. *sigh*
Also we've just realised that the wallpaper that we bought last year (we've been meaning to decorate my bedroom for a very long time) is actually not going to be enough to cover all of the walls, and they've stopped making it! But we've decided to do one wall just plain purple, which should look really nice because the other wallpaper is cream with purple flowers on it. Yesterday we went from shop to shop looking for some nice plain purple wallpaper, only to come home and find some on the internet!
We also went to Dunelm Mill yesterday, which was exciting…

New schedule and seeing uni friends!

I feel like I haven't written a post in ages! It seems a shame to waste what I've learnt on the A to Z challenge, so as of today I'm enforcing a schedule on my blog: I will post on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm hoping this will help me to post more regularly, and if it goes well I might even add an extra day on. Of course, this depends on how well I stick to the schedule, and whether or not I run out of things to write about!
In my experience, if I write a schedule for myself I tend to stick to it pretty well, it certainly worked when I was at university. I did an English Literature degree, and to conquer all of the reading I had to do, I had a schedule to read 50 pages a day, which worked really well! So as well as doing a blog schedule for myself, I've also done a schedule that involves all of the other things that I love doing but don't spend enough time on: teaching myself to play the piano, writing articles for the magazine I volunteer at, and creative writin…

The Kreativ Blogger Award!

I've been given the Kreativ Blogger Award by both Nikki at Inspirenordic and Sabrina at Pouffia, please stop by their blogs!
The reward requires me to divulge 10 random facts about myself, and then pass the award on to 6 other bloggers. Here are my 10 random facts:
1. My newest passion is writing. I've always loved to write, but never really spent much time on it until recently. I write articles for a voluntary magazine, which is very fun, and I've recently bought a little notebook that has already got lots of article, blog and story ideas written down in it. I haven't got around to using my ideas for stories yet, but hopefully I will soon.
2. Dogs are my absolute favourite animals. I love how loyal they are and how they're so lovable! I love how my dog is always happy to see me, and is willing to give cuddles whenever I need them! He's also great company when I'm on my own.
3. My favourite colour is purple, and therefore the colour I chose for my bedroom t…

A to Z Reflections Post!

For my Reflections post, I'm going to answer some questions that were put up on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge page

How did your journey through the alphabet go? Did you meet new bloggers with similar interests? Are there any you would like to feature and share with others?
My journey through the alphabet went very well, actually better than I thought it would. I followed my schedule and posted every day, which has prompted me to start a permanent schedule for my blog, in order to keep my posts regular. I read a lot of interesting blogs throughout this challenge, and found new blogs to follow. I also gained a lot of followers myself. I will definitely be participating next year!

What were the highlights for you? (lowlights too...we want to hear it all)
The highlights of the challenge were writing my posts, and researching fairy tales, which was a lot of fun! I also loved reading other people's posts, some of which I looked forward to reading every day.
Lowlights for me were w…

My trip to Bridlington!

So, I've been pretty lazy with my blog posts since the A to Z challenge finished! I have had an excuse though, I've had a very busy week decorating my sister's bedroom and clearing mine out ready for decorating. My mum and I both got two weeks off work so that we can get the decorating done, but I'll talk about that more later on this week!
Today's post is about my visit to Bridlington on Tuesday. My uncle David, who is my mum's brother, recently got a new TV and so he offered me and mum his old one, a 42 inch! This is really good, because the main one we were using was a tiny 22 inch one, so there's a big difference! So me, my mum and her boyfriend Mike went to Bridlington, where my uncle lives, to pick up the new TV.
We picked a pretty bad day to go, because it was really cold and it rained all day. My uncle was at work until 12, so when we got there at about quarter past 11 we went to a cafe and had some teacakes with raspberry jam (yummy) and a cup of t…