What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow, and the idea is to let other bloggers know where you are with any writing and reading goals you may have.

1. What I'm reading

I didn't get to post last Wednesday because I was busy shopping with my mum, and I completely forgot to post. Oops! Since the last time I posted for this meme, I've finished reading A Witch Alone by Ruth Warburton, which I didn't really enjoy; the series just got worse as I went along, and by the end I was glad I didn't have to read any more. I also read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, which I loved; it's the first book written by her which I've read, and I'll definitely be reading more. 

I'm currently reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin (still) and Cinder by Marissa Meyer - another one I'm loving!

2. What I'm writing

I'm still working on edits for Hunted, my NaNo novel. I haven't been able to work on it much this week, but I've done a few scenes, and that's better than nothing. I've also been working on some short story ideas for Camp NaNo next month - I've got quite a list now!

3. What else I've been up to

I've been working 6 days a week at work so not much other than that. I finally finished watching Breaking Bad with my mum - I loved the ending! So good. We're kind of sad now, because we've finished watching Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones isn't on any more either - what are we going to watch? I'm sure we'll come up with something :)

I didn't get to see my dad on Sunday for Father's Day since I was working, and I live an hour away from him now, so I've made plans with my sister; we're going to cook him a meal at her house tonight, which should be fun.

4. What inspires me right now

Getting stuff done, and being organised. It can make such a difference!


  1. Enjoy the evening with your father.
    Breaking Bad's last show was a a killer, wasn't it?

  2. I hope you have a great time with your dad . . . . . I got 34 goldfish for fathers day although it was only meant to be 6. . .

  3. I loved CINDER, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    I need to find something else to replace GoT now it's over!

    Being organised does make a difference! Have a great week! :)

  4. I tried to watch Breaking Bad...it started to get too violent for me. I did make it through Season 1, though, which is impressive for a show that has violence in it for me.


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