Goals for June

I had a productive month in May, I finally feel like I'm getting back into a routine after the craziness of the A to Z challenge.

My goals for May were to:

- Start revisions on my Nano novel - I'm up to chapter 4 now, which is great. I'm aiming for re-writing a scene every day. I was originally going to try a chapter a day, but that didn't work, not surprisingly.

- Read 6 books - I got my 6 books read this month, which is great. I'm still one book behind for my Goodreads challenge, though.

- Write every day - I didn't do this at the start of the month, but I have in the last couple of weeks since I started working on my re-writes. I'm noticing that I'm getting inspired to write more, too - it really is true what they say; the more you write, the more you want to write.

My goals for June are:

- Get up to chapter 12 of my NaNo novel re-written - If I carry on writing one scene a day, I should easily reach this target.

- Read 6 books - I should be able to do this, although I suppose it depends on the books I choose. I just started reading the second novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and they're not exactly small books. I'm going to read smaller books alongside them though, so hopefully I'll achieve my goal.

- Plan for Camp NaNo - It's July next month, which means it's once again time for Camp NaNo. Since I'm in the middle of re-writing a novel already, I thought I'd do something a little different for Camp NaNo this year. I haven't fully made my mind up yet, but I'm thinking of writing a short story or a piece of flash fiction every day instead of a novel throughout the entire month. I've wanted to write some short fiction for a while now, so this idea suits me perfectly.


  1. Hey, way to go on the May goals!

    I went though the beginning of the Song of Ice and Fire series fairly quickly. I didn't want to put them down.

    I'm thinking about doing Camp NaNo next month, too. But to help me get my current WIP done, not to start anything new. Love your idea about the short story/flash fiction. You'd have a great anthology at the end of the month.

  2. Nice job on the May goals, and good luck with your June goals! I'm about half way through Song of Ice and Fire, and I won't even be finishing that single book alone in one month, so good for you for keeping up so well with reading.

  3. Good for you for reaching your goals for last month! I have faith that you'll reach them again for June. :)

  4. My goal is to finally hit 170 pounds and be able to bench press 1 plate.

  5. My goal for June is to go to Inverness and shout at Dolphins and spent a week in a wooden shack by the sea nearby. . . . .

    I am hoping that the weathermans goal for june is sunny weather .

  6. Great goals and seems great progress, too.

  7. Hi Laura .. good for you .. and I think I'd better start making some definitive ones for myself .. but I'm ticking jobs off as the days go by ... cheers and enjoy June - Hilary


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